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  1. @godspower33 Hello, The following exception occurred when starting the script:
  2. Human Mouse feature is available to VIP-E botters only. See: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/70969-could-not-load-human-mouse-data/?do=findComment&comment=853267
  3. What client are you using? I got it working with OSBuddy this way: 1. Download cross platform OSBuddy.jar file from their website 2. Run OSBuddy.jar and hook up tribot client to it 3. Make sure you are not running OSBuddy.jar as admin (windows). If you are, then tribot client should also be run as admin, or else it wont hook up. I was using 64-bit 1.8.0_131 Java.
  4. Hey, it seems that the script won't teleport after a pker approaches. Could you please fix this? @godspower33
  5. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    It worked. Thanks!
  6. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    Hello. Recently the bot got stuck at this place: Log: @FALSkills
  7. @Usa @Fluffee CLI starter still boken.
  8. It is probably a dax walker, not the script, issue.
  9. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    It worked. Thanks!
  10. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    Thanks for responding! Unfortunately, I am getting this error now (State: WALKING_TO_CHARLIE):
  11. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    Hi. Recevntly the script got stuck at this place: It's probably due to recent RS udate. This script was working flawlessly before. @FALSkills
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