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  1. Working pretty good already! Also at a nice pace. Only minor things of improvement could be; - When a task is completed in Falador, it runs back to Amy get a new task in Falador. Then it goes back to the bank to refill. In a perfect world it would refill on the way to Amy to save time. - When a task is given to repair a house in Falador, it does not need to walk to a bank before going there. It can simply go to the task and refill on the way there since it will walk past a bank anyway. - Some accounts will teleport to the Grand Exchange upon clicking the Varrock tele Tab.
  2. Okay fair enough man, way to much camera movement going on for my personal taste i guess. Its so much chaos I play minigames very relaxed and do as little camera movement as possible. It is a fast script tho, good for the profit/xp! Currently i can't start the script anymore. ''Waiting for user input'', but the UI interface doesn't load up for me. I tried deleting hooks.dat but that file is not in my settings folder. Also deleted cached files. Any ideas? EDIT: Did not run into this problem again the next day.
  3. I have read here u have already improved the camera angle of the script. Sorry to say but i still think the script is constantly in weird camera angles. Why not just play looking from above? Its always so low as if it has a feet fetish looking for toes. Jokes aside, hope u can look into this once more man Pretty good overall experience of the script ngl
  4. Was looking for something like this not to long ago, exited to test it out!
  5. No longer a working script for anyone wondering
  6. In TriBot, in the top left, u click on 'File' and then 'Delete cached files'. I assume that also clears 'hooks' but idk
  7. I think today's update messed up the way your script handles the spec orb/spec weapon. The script wants to spec > It wields DDS > Clicks run energy orb a few times > Thinks it has specced and goes back to wielding Whip. Hope this helps
  8. Congratz on the 100th page bro! This is the best and by far most advanced script TriBot has to offer imo. Side note; in the guide it claims to do '69 Slayer (+ Monkey Madness 2) – Demonic Gorillas – 2.5M+ gp/hour'. This does not actually seem to be available tho, right? Would be cool but seems way to complicated to script.
  9. Does the script alch the 'Shield left half' from the rare drop table? Does it make a difference what looting mode i am using? I use the optimized looting system but i am afraid of missing out on this drop.
  10. >I didn't read the setup guide >ARK help me the script is broken The script clearly states it does not support gearing degradable items.. Yes it is on the (long) list of potential future updates.
  11. Im so happy to see ARK sending bad suggestions just straight back to Lumbridge. Keep it honest my dude, nice.
  12. Currently the script uses Ultimate Strenght and incredible reflexes during the whole Wyrm task, instead of using it only for a Superior.
  13. I saw my character get assigned Black dragons. The script decided to kill Brutal Black Dragons, while I don't have the slayer level to kill them. Even tho i would have had the slayer level, I wouldn't want to go do that task with my Best In Slot Dragon Scim. Hope u can resolve this
  14. How did it look? Difficult to add?
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