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  1. Does the script alch the 'Shield left half' from the rare drop table? Does it make a difference what looting mode i am using? I use the optimized looting system but i am afraid of missing out on this drop.
  2. >I didn't read the setup guide >ARK help me the script is broken The script clearly states it does not support gearing degradable items.. Yes it is on the (long) list of potential future updates.
  3. Im so happy to see ARK sending bad suggestions just straight back to Lumbridge. Keep it honest my dude, nice.
  4. Currently the script uses Ultimate Strenght and incredible reflexes during the whole Wyrm task, instead of using it only for a Superior.
  5. I saw my character get assigned Black dragons. The script decided to kill Brutal Black Dragons, while I don't have the slayer level to kill them. Even tho i would have had the slayer level, I wouldn't want to go do that task with my Best In Slot Dragon Scim. Hope u can resolve this
  6. How did it look? Difficult to add?
  7. I was in the same situation, until i found ARKSorceress Pro. https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/arksorceress-pro This does wonders in terms of Rannars and all kinds of other herbs! Its also relatively new so not used by large amount of accounts yet. I have personally used this script alot without bans/problems. If u switch this script up with the slayer script i just can't see a ban happening at all tbh.
  8. Could u optimize the Ironman looting system? Currently it works fine in the client debug, it instantly puts down a item on the list/tile to not pick it up anymore. After this message in the client debug however, it still tries a few times to pick up the item ingame. Resulting in multiple messages in the chatbox 'u can't pick up this item as a ironman'. The script will walk back and forth between the tile/item and next monster a few times. People in the area will definitely notice this during a long task, and report us.
  9. The script used to say 'supports 6 tasks in katacombs of kourend'. Now its down to 5, even tho u added Banshees there. 2 got removed? What tasks does the script do currently in the katacombs?
  10. Is there a option to use middle mouse for camera movement? I can't find it. If 'no': I believe your Agility script has it, any plans to add it here?
  11. Nice release! Will it always walk exactly to the same Reset NPC Aggro Tile?
  12. Would u like to borrow a account so u can add 'fish barrel' support?
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