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  1. Checked that as well and nothing I already disabled all firewalls
  2. Yea.. I tried doing that I deleted that plus anything else having to do with Runescape and nothing.
  3. So I have been botting rs using LG and Osbuddy for a few months. Today, however when I restarted my computer and opened Tribot and Osbuddy they both got stuck on the loading screen at "Loaded update list" then it just sits there and stays and will not download the rest. I have tried in game browser on firefox, tribot client, osbuddy and they all get stuck on the same loading screen. I have tried restarting my laptop multiple times, deleting .tribot folder, deleting all cookies, deleting tribot and osbuddy and deleting all javas, downloading the new java and tribot and osbuddy. All resulting in the same "loaded update list" loading screen.. I am out of ideas. I tried looking up the problem and found no information. Can anyone help please?
  4. The main spec weapon isn't working still. Any chance it can be updated? Also bot sometimes wields the mith plate and doesn't switch back. Lastly can you make it leave the cyclops room before it breaks? Have died multiple times due to breaking in the cyclops room
  5. Would like to purchase a torso and do you offer firecape service?
  6. Perfect script got 99 fishing and a seagul pet on one account and got 91 fishing on a fresh account fishing sharks and I got a seagull pet after a day of Botting Sharks on that acc as well lol
  7. Laptops are not very good at running multiple bots as they add up to being CPU intensive. I would also say around 4 maybe 5 bots if you are lucky. but as the first user said using a desktop would be your best bet to run more bots for about the same amount of money as your current build. Especially if you where to build the desktop yourself. That's just my two cents however.
  8. Well it wasn't very smart of you to expose yourself like that..it makes you look like you're mass goldfarming so your ip is flagged.. Contact your ISP for a ip change or use a vpn every time you are about to login to rs.
  9. this^^ you can upgrade to VIP E for 2 more credits for the rest of your monthly subscription on the same spot where you purchased VIP
  10. he knows he's making it premium this week it will be fixed then.
  11. Please make it premium already.. So many leachers ruines the script..
  12. Have you tried deleting your Java and downloading the newest one? Or maybe you installed the 32 bit instead of the 64 bit or vise versa.
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