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  1. does this script work i see alot of scripts on here that do not work and cost money to use
  2. Bradross

    VPS Setup

    hi i brought bottingvps and have trouble finding out how to use i tryed to add your skype but there is a few rosed.bot not sure whos you
  3. Bradross

    VPS Setup

    ok thank's i just brought the beginner one for , howl long does it take normally for it to stop pending?
  4. Bradross

    VPS Setup

    at bottingvps.com is it all ready to go with bot clients already downloaded
  5. sorry i have the same problem as him what you mean by a regular non proxied wifi thats not your own? like your normal ip ?
  6. when banking sometimes just sits in the bank and have to do it urself
  7. take out the too many people world hoping ball shit it hops worlds cuz of 1 player sometimes no players
  8. can you make the script eat to full in bank it keeps having to tele before it gets to air alter to craft
  9. buying 10 credits via paypal
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