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  1. lol everyone needs to relax. asking for my money back is a simple question, not an insult to you. this bot ruined my staker in 3 hours. I simply wanted to train my staker and make money at the same time.. you can do this for like a month and only get a temp ban. I'm not saying hey fuck you for selling my a script that doesnt work. I just told you exactly what happened. TBH I don't care if I get my money back or not. You should just fix it so you don't have fake drop-down options LOL
  2. like I said I only used it for a few hours and had to quit after it buried 2 bones. at this rate I'll have 20+ prayer after 100 hours of running the script. most of you probably don't care about prayer but this will ruin the only account I can bot with. You're right $10 isn't much, but more so I want him to know the script is glitchy. yeah no sht dude but I want to see if he's going to be reasonable about it. mainly I'm letting him know the script started to ruin my pure so he can fix the script.
  3. im sure you've heard this a million times but yeah- I keep getting stuck in the bottom of the cave when it runs out of food. also seen heaps of other people doing the same thing LOL- furiously running north then south for hours on end
  4. status: error? hm I don't think it's compatible with the new version of tribot
  5. dude can I get my money back for this script? I'm using my staker pure to run this script, and when I came back after a few hours I found it accidently buried a pile or 2 of bones.. so much for a lvl 1 prayer pure the thing is I set it to ignore dragon bones, but it still loots them and accidently buries them. I can't risk running this script again so it's sort of useless to me now.
  6. Just bought 3mil- it all went pretty fast and as smooth as possible. what else can I say.. its nice buying off a mod and not having to bother with a MM! thanks man
  7. I keep getting a glitch where it stands at the bank and does nothing when it runs out of food. fantastic script otherwise!
  8. This is an awesome script, it got me from lvl 60-78 in 2 days and can easily run for over 6 hours. One thing I noticed is it wont load the login bot whenever my internet connection cuts out. Can you fix it so it runs the login bot? thx
  9. I think that's a great idea, it'll definitely keep Jagex further away from the precious scripts If people want to see what to expect before buying VIP, then they can check the achievements section!
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