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  1. great script did 25 agin flawless and so far tree gnome village flawless, I would deff buy a monkey madness one
  2. I restarted my computer and now is working but I chose tree gnome village but is buying a whole bunch of stuff you don't need for that quest , you think maybe its just buying all the supplies for all the quests u have listed in the bot?
  3. [10:35:50] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. it keeps saying this I tried doing the Tree gnome village and it just banked everything teleported me to G/e and logged out and now I get that error
  4. now got new error someone please help,
  5. I try to open the bot and it says no java runtime present requesting install, I have installed javas last update about 4 times restarted my computer and my browsers and still same error. someone pls help.
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