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  1. I have verizon fios, I tried changing the mac address, didnt work though D: I changed my ip, have a dynamic one. I also tried downloading a VPN after I made this topic, didnt work... got logged off again! =(
  2. Hey everyone! I created over 20 accounts within a 24hr period to troll Mod Mark CC on RS3, (legitimately), and then after a few more accounts, the system logged me off. I checked my email and it said I was banned for 'macro major.' Any other I account I create is immediately banned for the same reason. Even existing accounts I have never botted on are banned for macro major when logging on. Luckily the account that got banned was one with low combat stats, and had nothing on it. I searched on google and tried changing my ip, mac address (had a google tutorial IDK wtf that even means), cleared jagex cache, even a combination of all 3, but I still get banned after making accounts. Does anyone have a similar experience, or how to bypass this? What did jagex do to track my computer? I'd like to play on my main account without getting banned D: Feel free to replicate this yourself; the same thing will probably happen to you. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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