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  1. Took me 5 seconds of Google-fu: http://www.docs.tribot.org/tribot/latest/
  2. you better specify what error messages you're getting or what you're seeing mate.
  3. Potential income with RuneScape botting is almost always very very volatile. One single update can kill an entire method so I wouldn't really calculate "annual" income so I keep my expectations low and to not over-invest in a single method.
  4. 1. use your home IP 2. use residential IPs
  5. Their response email's pretty clear bud. I wouldn't bot on those if I don't want to lose them. If those are goldfarm accounts on the other hand, then use them for their main purpose.
  6. precisely. I won't be surprised if nothing changes with the pricing though, the people here complaining are a huge minority.
  7. you're likely to have more problems running an old client version tho
  8. A bit of non botting related topic here. Idk why, but I seem to be quite hyped by this. Though I'm not actually planning on playing it, I think I would enjoy watching the hell out of this(through Twitch streamers). Thoughts? Haven't watched anything related to Leagues I.
  9. apparently based on my Reddit readings, there are already people doing the same job as Weath. So it looks like the effect of Weath leaving won't be as dramatic as I thought it would.
  10. Indeed. Even if we assume that Tribot's scripts are ever so slightly better, I still don't think the huge price difference is justified.
  11. A VPN will change the IP address of all your Tribot clients; while a proxy will change the IP address of individual clients. The choice is probably going to be obvious.
  12. They sure need to add bigger discounts. $17 for a month for s only 3 instances is definitely on the expensive side. You could probably buy a same priced hunter script on other sites for somewhere near the same price, but with no auth limit, and no recurring payments. With that said, I haven't tried nHunter and nNightmareZone so I really cant compare these 2 scripts with the scripts of the competitor platforms.
  13. 1. Quality 2. Mostly better stability 3. Faster updates and fixes 4. Fewer people will have the same patterns as your account(s) 5. Potentially more features
  14. way to go flexing on a topic about someone getting his main account banned lmao
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