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  1. any chance you can add support for accounts with level 1 fishing?
  2. Yep i understand it didnt support death but you could put some effort in to make it log out on death or something instead of consistently clicking on the same spot over and over again
  3. Does not support the new death mechanics or death office so if you die and dont catch it fast it will pretty much result in a ban, Thanks mate...
  4. Can you use this script to make planks? teleport to house send demon butler to sawmill and then bank the planks at castle wars?
  5. This bot is cooked, Ran a trial of this bot on an account that has never been botted on a new proxy and copped a perm ban within the trial period, so many bugs, most notable one was it kept using a scroll on a chest over and over again. Absolute rubbish
  6. Recently Purchased and running on two low levels and 1 high level running flawlessly so far, Very impressed
  7. no LG restarted once, might clear cache and try again
  8. anyone else lagging and having alot of deaths as a result?
  9. bought this script tonight, my only regret is not buying it sooner! working flawlessly so far
  10. good luck, how did your first day go?
  11. in the process of setting it up, making a new act, and using proxies and will get my ISP to change my ip to dynamic tomorrow
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