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  1. or you just good at botting, congratulations
  2. All accounts sold were working and delivered upon purchase First 50 that i replaced due to the accounts having issues (claimed/no offers) He purchased another 100 accounts, first 50 And then this is the next 50 After sending he told me that he wants to get another 100 more, I told him that prices have changed due to low stock and high demand, next day he tells me that the accounts arent able to claim the 14 days membership, and the following day, I told him that the promotion ended
  3. 你真是傻逼 Is there anything else I need to provide here ? Because clearly this dude doesn't have anything besides me calling him an idiot (which he clearly is)
  4. OP bought primes from me back in May - June 2019, on the last day of prime event, he was well aware that the primes MAY not work as like march twitch primes where you could claim the offers before it ends and you could still link it after. When they fixed it in May - June twitch prime promo, he wanted a 'refund' as the method didnt work anymore, I however showed him that he himself agreed that when i told him it may not work for this promo and he still went on with it. Furthermore the accounts were non subbed meaning you could profit $2.50 per sub on ANY channel. If you need
  5. aAgility v3 by @Aropupu I was one of the few who used his v3 agility script (recording your own pattern/courses) and was enlightened by this fine gentleman and his work. I was always so afraid to bot agility but with his script i managed to get top 250 in agility with one account. Thank you once again
  6. I also gotten an OG account of mine (maxed rs3) unbanned, they giving us second chances hehe
  7. You must be new to botting, to answer your question, yes. This script and any script that automates stuff for you in game can potentially get you banned. Good luck
  8. @Kersysoldier you got dunked on yikes
  9. did you even bother searching?
  10. https://www.sythe.org/members/ckb.1183510/ User has scamquitted be wary
  11. User has been banned on sythe for scamquitting be wary.


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