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  1. yeah sounds good, some people just wanna rush through farming and get it leveled asap and not care about profits
  2. @Ark Super weird bug but if an account has skills necklace equipped, Ark sorc will teleport to mining guild and get stuck there, even tho it has Lumbridge tab in inventory.
  3. finally a decent release, will there be progressive mode? eg, lvl 1 - 99 farming, buying the best it can do for the level
  4. If you are looking glass... you need to disable any plugins that may interfere with Tribot, better yet.. don't use looking glass! and DEFINITELY should have mentioned you are using Looking glass in your initial Bug report
  5. ForegroundColor[255,0,0][04:21:34] [Stop Script] Stop reason: We have received the Thieving Pet (Rocky). This needs to be deposited for us to continue. Stopping script.
  6. First post, First hour in and already asking for refund, instead of asking for support? lol Join his discord and i guarantee Dentist can fix you right up, boy.
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