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  1. Been using arkslayer for the past 2 months, got me 93 slayer and maxed combat Very impressive script
  2. hey bucko you might wanna specify what issues you are having lmao. you dont go to the doctor and just tell the doctor, "im in pain fix me or i call police" do you?
  3. Died and it didnt went to deaths office to collect, instead it stopped script; [04:45:32] Disabled all randoms. [04:45:32] [Navigation] Calculating route, this may take some time. Please let the script run, even if it appears to pause. [04:45:34] [Navigation] Path received from server... [04:45:57] Disabled all randoms. [04:45:57] [Navigation] Path received from server... [04:46:21] Disabled all randoms. [04:46:21] [Navigation] Path received from server... [04:46:50] Disabled all randoms. [04:46:50] [Navigation] Path received from se
  4. as of 12.1.26 tribot, script does not work due to grand exchange (stays idle when restocking stuff, at the grand exchange page)
  5. Theres a visual bug currently which I can reproduce easily all the time, I have Berserker ring as my equipment setup, and I have RoW as my mode of transportation to GE, when the script ends, for some reason it prints the Berserker ring as profit gained and adds it to the final paint when script ends, I assume your method of checking the profit gained is through the inventory tab as everytime it teleports to GE it equips the RoW
  6. Didnt you already post on tribot discord? If you get error connecting then most likely 1. you didnt set your proxy right 2. wrong type of proxy (only socks5) 3. your proxy isnt working
  7. Could you possibly add combat settings where, if defence = 50 , swap to attack till 60 then move to strength etc?
  8. Yeah like what other user said, please read before purchasing. Buying VIP doesnt allow you to run multiple instances of a premium script, you need to purchase more instances
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