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Everything posted by filthyfrank

  1. Continue botting but use a better script
  2. Welcome to the club! Make sure to trial scripts/check last script updated before purchasing!
  3. Wow looking forward to this juicy content, i was here before 100k subs!
  4. Java JDK u212 32bit, working for me
  5. ty netami saved me money
  6. i have botted and been banned on my home ip more than i can count and i can still play on my main account on it without it getting banned. proxies are just of a , if you wanna run more than 5 accounts, use a proxy.
  7. if someone figured out how to avoid detections, they for certain wouldnt share it publicly, my best advice for you is to just trial and error. Learn as you go like many others (big botters that i know of)
  8. if you get 99 fm without getting full outfit ... thats uh... not normal
  9. maybe the script got removed because the author realised it was such a good method to train cmb/earn gp and kept it to himself ?
  10. Searching his discord results to a same one on sythe, if you are going to deal with him, try to ask for a pm on sythe (hes a $50 donor on sythe)
  11. still nothing done, yikes
  12. Yeah been seeing @patoon17 shitposting everywhere but nothing done
  13. Simple fix, just press enter after typing in the box
  14. Your jdk is 64 or 32bits? for Osbuddy, make sure you downloaded the CROSS PLATFORM jar
  15. https://i.imgur.com/9UU44Ku.gifv tada
  16. i losete all amy accunts cuz ia am a bi g boi farm3r i m vary saed lolz
  17. If im not wrong, the 'expire in' isn't accurate. Someone can correct me if im wrong
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