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  1. LG is not working atm and its being worked on, stay tuned for updates from admins
  2. LG is broken atm if you actually browsed the forums and see the amount of crybabies about it ?
  3. not worth, youll get destroyed easily. unless you decide to pray for every brother, which willl lead to - profit
  4. It was an honest mistake, but take it as whatever you want ?
  5. I dont ever think they added LG as a promised feature for vip-e , do you have a picture of that? im pretty sure that VIP-E costs more because you can use proxies
  6. Well its still in beta, so downtimes for it are expected. Also where do you see them promising LG on vip-e ?
  7. Well VIP-E allows you to use proxies.. so you cant really say no LG = VIP E wasted
  8. using helper will never ban you, cos its just overlays, think of it as a better runelite plugin. the only way you can get banned is when tribot is detected but thankfully its not ? i have gotten over 2.5k legit kills with helper
  9. Prayer is broken on all scripts, need to wait for Tribot to be updated, bot something else that doesnt require prayer
  10. youre better off using/getting a plugin for rl to do it for you
  11. Need to wait for admins to fix it
  12. netamiscripts.com/barrows/users/[USERNAME].png
  13. https://tribot.org/forums/announcement/63-tribot-down-may-23-2019/ dont mind me just getting my post count up kappa
  14. Wait for an update, do something else meanwhile, play legit, go outside, take a walk, make love
  15. You ran 12 hours on one of the hardest skill to bot and youre surprised you got banned?
  16. - nMagic - nMagic - nMagic nMagic: it does everything
  17. what can we discuss about this, lmao
  18. https://tribot.org/repository/
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