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  1. what can we discuss about this, lmao
  2. https://tribot.org/repository/
  3. *THIS IS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT* this script got me from lvl 1 to 51 in one click on multiple accounts, would really recommend this script !
  4. How do you expect the bot to survive after getting teleblocked? its better for it to die and reset than try trying to survive Dont bot on weekends, lesser people only venes to compete against
  5. i literally answered ur question, which you just asked again.. when you connect to proxy on lg while you are hooked to tribot, your LG client (runelite/osbuddy) will reflect what proxy you are on
  6. Firstly, nice necro bumping a 3 year old thread my dude. Secondly, no your IP wont get compromised wtf are you high or something? Thirdly, when you connect to LG, and your Tribot is connected to a Proxy, your LG connects to a proxy too. And this isnt Rsbuddy, we Tribot dude
  7. This script is getting a rework soon, so it will be much better than before. Just wait for Netami's announcement
  8. 1. Windows/Linux? 2. Java version? Do you have the right one installed?
  9. You did firemaking for 7 days straight, ask yourself this. Would a normal player do the same activity for 7 days straight? If you want an account to last, switch it up every now and then. Firemaking one day, questing next day, then back to firemaking
  10. filthyfrank


    I was in the same boat as you once, botted for like a year, got bored then came back only recently (late last year). Started investing alittle bit more time and now I make 10x more than i ever did since the last time. Just take a break. You dont quit botting, botting quits you
  11. https//signature.encodedscripting.com/fisher.png?username= (YOUR_USERNAME) Nice siggy btw holy moly
  12. Naton's scripts are always quality, i wouldnt be surprised. if you are doubtful, run the trial first and see how it goes.
  13. The fact that the guy who posted it can backup with proof that hes worked with viral before (chatlogs/has the decompiled build itself), what about you? you are defending a scum that is getting his 'customers' banned and even scamming them (refer to my OP). So far you have done nothing but praise viral, who is he to you? or rather, are you viral himself? If thats the case, you're actually sad and pathetic like they describe you. Whatever the case, vswitcher = instant ban, stay away
  14. Don't even try to defend him, We are an open source community, just like Runelite except with additional features. https://runelitepl.us/ https://twitter.com/runeliteplus Remember, never ever purchase 'switching' software when you can get it for free
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