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Everything posted by filthyfrank

  1. grats buddy, maybe you arent retarded after all!
  2. Maybe if you actually checked the LAST comment on this thread and when the script was LAST updated on repo, you would realise its been outdated for a long while. Wonder who is the fucking retarded one ?
  3. Looks pretty normal to me? How much do you expect to get with 10 clients lol
  4. Use Runelite, solves all your issues.
  5. ? market prices for 7d accounts are at least 1.7m, check on sythe
  6. If you want an account that you wanna bot on it but then dont really care if it gets banned but then wanna try to not get it banned, 1. Dont bot at level 3 2. Do some quests 3. Bot AFK skills only 4. Dont bot macro intensive skills
  7. have you tried minimizing then opening tribot client?
  8. sorry to burst your anger bubble little man 8(
  9. i sold them for 9050 each on osrs forums lol
  10. Man, why are your titles always click bait. Actually thought there would be a guide to minimizing cpu usage
  11. This dude added me as friend on discord and tried to convince me that i needed some quests/gp lmao.
  12. last visited 11 dec 2018, good try
  13. Ask yourself, how many hours do you usually play ? Do you take breaks? Do you need to pee/eat/sleep? Use that +/-
  14. why would i sell lower than ge when i can instant sell for 9015 ?
  15. Thats tribot doing the auto login
  16. sounds like a job for @adamhackz
  17. Hello friend! 1. Download the ALL PLATFORMS jar from www.runelite.net 2. Headover to https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-archive-javase8-2177648.html and download the JDK 3. Start up Tribot normally first, run it twice at least 4. Open up Runelite (make sure your GPU plugin is off!), then run Tribot 5. Click on Looking glass (New Client)
  18. 1. Extremely high, lots of trial and error to be made before you have a successful account/bot farm 2. No one knows
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