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  1. Hi, I'm looking for someone to make a tempoross script. Private or public doesn't matter. Guessing more people would like one.
  2. i need some help solving a problem with my payment method. i logged in to shop app, but now i am not able to use paypal as my payment method since it directly goes to shopapp... how can i change this?
  3. having a problem with Iron Dragons task [17:23:52] [Banking] Need Antifires, will bank [17:23:52] [Banking] Need Antifires, will bank i got 33 antifires banked, but it doesnt take any...
  4. hi, im having a problem with the bot. it keeps trying to buy 1500 fire runes for 3700 each. please fix it
  5. is there any plan to support magic on coming patches or is that something i can forget?
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