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  1. Hey can't find you on skype are you willing to do a private message trade?
  2. Scammers will be reported to a fraud agency? and the examine text is different from the actual money did you cheat engine?
  3. henhead12

    buying bond(s)

    Paying 1.3m osrs each, can only afford one at a time approximately 2 a day for now. You're trusted, or you're going first.
  4. Ok, thats kind of an advantage then for certain things lol So do they only put botters on these worlds and ban them later, or do they put you on it if you've been logged in for a while? cause 2 of my accounts haven't been moved there at all as a master crafter and a different script.
  5. Having a problem with this script right now, the past 2 times I have used it my 2 slaves have hopped to world 385 and 386, which doesn't make sense to me because those are not even on the world select screen, after that happens they just wait for the master which is on it's regular world, I don't know if this is script, client or just glitch related.
  6. Running this script for a while now, and noticed 2 errors today. 1. The bot got stuck once while in the trade between the slave and master where neither accepted. 2. When I try to start the script on my 3rd account, it says 'Downloading script spiker runerunner' The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot start script, I only have 2 running right now and have tried to restart my tribot client.
  7. Hi, I have a few questions, I see this script can make up to 220k per hour, is that for each account? If it's for one account what's the stats requirement to make 220k? I also see that you're adding commands to switch things up, but cause this level you up from 1 by cutting and fletching say in the back of lumbridge castle? Thanks. edit: how is the ban rate while using this script?
  8. It must be a glitch with the script or client, i'm gonna try to redownload the client and retry.
  9. I do have a bit of a problem, I don't know if it's client related or script related, I let them run and leave it for a bit, come back and sometimes they're paused and logged out then I have to restart the script, cause resuming doesn't do anything.
  10. So, after using this script for about 10k natures sadly one of my accounts has been banned, it was just one of my runners (out of 2), this account wasn't payed for with a bond so the membership cost me $8. My crafter has gotten a decent amount of levels without being banned so far. The ban was for macroing major, not a goldfarming ban. My setup was having my crafter wear some quest gear so it didn't look like a bot, my runner was a lvl 15 defense pure with a full addy, I did have the bot setup to take a 5 minute break every hour. EDIT: Forgot to add that I wasn't using a proxy, therefore I don't believe Jagex flags IPs.
  11. was your runner set up in no clothes or did you set it up wearing something like gold robes or anything?
  12. I just started using this script, so far I like that it uses the safe route, however on my first run I don't know if i selected the settings wrong, but it stopped at the altar and logged out because I didn't have a talisman, I have tiaras. I started it inside the altar the second time and so far so good, 6 runs in and no troubles. I just wanted to inform you of this just incase it is a glitch.
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