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  1. I know I'm correct - its okay though. On to the next person, this guy was one of those customers you just can't satisfy no matter what you do. Every business that's successful has those customers.
  2. We work with a ton of these guys, the existing bots would decently well. Why are you making your own?
  3. Hi, To correct you: There was never any cancellation of your services on our website at all, ever. This is a cold hard fact. I will ask that if the moderators don't agree with me, then an admin should review this. You clearly only left a feedback because you were not refunded, the timing suggests it. That's it. The product/service worked. We delivered it to you on time and even went beyond and out of our way to help you. You wanted us to price match specs to a 3rd party, ancient looking, poor website that looked like they ran servers out of their house on 2008 hardware. This is not someth
  4. Hi, if you notice, the cancellation button does work, because you did indeed cancel the service on 5/3 after you got charged. So the button definitely does work, we can see that. Please make sure the Paypal subscription is also cancelled on your end just to be safe. You never once cancelled our service. Please refrain from posting in our topic anymore simply you are a case of "I forgot to cancel the service after it charged me" which we cannot do anything for. I do apologize that you forgot to cancel, but our service is a monthly service therefore it is charged monthly. In the future, you can
  5. Hi, I will gladly check into this for you. Can you PM me your name on our website? We always respond. Our customer service is not poor, it's actually pretty great :). Do not post in this topic going forward, this is for our VPSFish.com services though. Thanks. EDIT: Your proxy is working and was fixed prior to you posting this. I have however PM'd you separately as well and responded there. You never cancelled on our website, here is the proof of that:
  6. Hi Proteus, The other person posting here was helped in every instance and guided with proper answers and checking of everything - despite him trying to say otherwise, the support tickets show everything. I am not sure what more to say to him as I personally reviewed the tickets. Like here, I reviewed your ticket/order and found out what really happened here. In some cases, the customer is simply wrong. This is one of those cases. The evidence supports it and again, I will reiterate, our billing system acted accordingly and performed as expected - by properly charging you because it is a re
  7. Hi, There was NEVER (this is fact - our system doesn't lie) a cancellation made on our website or to the Paypal subscription on your behalf until after the charge was made. I think the likely conclusion can be made that your feedback was made due to not receiving a refund when there was no refund to be given. We charged you because it is a monthly subscription - we also charged you because you never cancelled at all. We did absolutely nothing wrong here despite what the mods (and yourself) made it out to be. I am requesting that the feedback be removed as this feedback came and was ce
  8. Hello, After receiving this person's information (he did not provide it to me upon first request for good reason I suppose) I can conclude that the following happened: On 4/3 the person makes an order on our website. On 5/3 6:50 AM the person is charged by the automatic subscription. On 5/3 7:18 AM the person cancels the service. In case anyone here is unable to understand what that means, the person was charged as per the normal subscription AND THEN he cancelled (it was NEVER cancelled prior to the charge happening as you mods seem to be so insisting on). That is the information I was
  9. I have looked into the order and sent over some details regarding it.
  10. I'm going to wait until I get this person's name on our site so I can actually re-read through everything to see. Thanks.
  11. I've asked the person to give me his username so I can look more into this specifically and he did not provide it to me . We do not "willfully" keep money from anyone who does not subscribe. We require that our customers cancel it, that's how it was setup. Do not accuse me of doing something I don't do - I think a different moderator should chime in as you are a severe conflict of interest in being in this dispute. Thanks.
  12. You might want to edit out the proxy information here, please. You were given 3 separate proxy test results of the proxy itself working in Proxifier for us (the same software you're using). You must have typed it wrong as indicated, and you insisted it was not working despite it clearly working on 3 separate tests on 3 different replies to your ticket. There is nothing more to help you with so I will not be able to reply. As far as I checked, everything was replied to accordingly and the service provided was working as indicated by multiple test results we supplied to you and the answers given
  13. 1) We do not "charge" for a pending order, but an invoice is made for a pending order - credit will get applied to an invoice. That is ... how you pay for a pending order, an invoice. Hopefully thats clear enough. 2) In the same screenshot you were advised on how to use the credit on the invoice page - when you were told that's how it worked, why didn't you follow it? I'm not sure what you're insinuating here but it seems like you were solved just fine. We provided instructions on how to use the credit as you did not understand how to successfully use the credit. If you never used the cre
  14. Hello, It seems like you were having trouble using the credit - here's how it should be used depending on the situation. I have noted the possible ways to use credit with 1) and 2). Let me know if that helps. When making a new order, you can use the "Pay with Paypal" option and it will use your credit in your account. This is also how WHMCS works. If it's an individual invoice you can go to your Invoices list and Pay using Credit. The credit is still there even if you opened a false dispute, however, we would manually remove it because that is fraudulent. However, it seems like you wer
  15. You can't find a cancel button because its a PENDING order. I thought you meant this was an existing order. If you want me to *cancel* the pending order (basically cancel the invoice) I can do that for you no problem. I don't totally understand your issue completely but you can PM me your information and I can take a look.
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