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  1. That's an expensive flax picker... But yeaht hey are pricey.
  2. If you got banned on Sythe for scaming I believe you get banned on here. Also, is that account considered a ban evader then? I believe if you get unbanned from Sythe though you'll be allowed to Tribot without condition @YoHoJo @Mute can someone help clarify?
  3. A goldseller price isn't cheap, the title is bait. This price is what i'd relate to many chinese goldseller websites, if you want to make sales i'd sugguest lowering profit margins quite a bit. Still profit, but at that price "cheap" is a lie. Not trying to be rude! Just helping!
  4. Get a private script made, low bans + you'll make profit more over time!
  5. As he said, his website was listed. So if you want to complain, do it right! Your claim of calling my a "moronic fuck" is quite ironic now, eh? Edit: flaming: 4 warning points to griffindore
  6. I don't know, check. https://tribot.org/repository/
  7. Some scripts already implement this, but yeah fair enough.
  8. Thanks man! Looks alright, I'm gonna learn off it!
  9. I have some spare time while watching the lcs, I could.
  10. Completely respecting, just advising on how he could make it easier to understand, trying to help him out! Noted. Next time i'll try to be less of a dick (Didn't mean to be )
  11. Just sick of being hated on for no reason. You wanna be an idiot, go to 4chan. And I never left YuGiOh
  12. Ahh Trilez did it for the Monkfish then. Nah you got hacked bro, grow up and realize how many active people there are on here, you did some stupid stuff and got hacked. Tribot isn't 4k people tryna hack the odd 1 or 2 guys
  13. That gave me a chuckle. Anywho yeah, this is just someone downloading everything he can and thinks it was Tribot.
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