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  1. I've been waiting on him to finish testing. We both have fairly busy schedules it seems. It's working AFAIK. If he encounters any bugs, I will continue to provide support.
  2. And I am working with @MSO to fix the remaining issues with the script. @Usa
  3. I am working with @MSO tonight to make the transaction go completely through the repository. We have already been working on fixes for the script.
  4. I updated the script, and you will not even run it.
  5. It was only 1/3 of the script price because it was expensive and was paid upfront. That portion can be repaid through the repository as an add-on along with the rest of the script.
  6. I agree. The script has been updated. This thread can be closed.
  7. Sorry for the delay. Hopefully we can work together easily if anymore problems persist.
  8. The script has been updated. Waiting on @MSO to test it.
  9. I messaged you—@MSO—on Skype 60 hours ago and have yet to receive a response.
  10. @purple haze Nobody else has reported the problem you are having. I need more information before I can even give you any tips on trying to fix it on your end.
  11. I was in the middle of fixing everything with you—@MSO—when you decided to post this. I was waiting for you to make sure the main part of the script was working for you before re-implementing everything else to help eliminate potential issues that might arise. I'm trying to work with you. If you would be so kind as to work with me, the script may be flawless sooner than you think.
  12. I have refunded @pietyy, and he has repurchased the script.
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