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  1. I had this too, I had to switch to another payment method. I spoke with USA about this and appearantly once the anti-fraud marks you as fraudulent, there's nothing you can do.
  2. It's odd and x acc, no max I legit have `100% lose rate on the max XD
  3. I use my own way to find out odds
  4. Pretty sure it's bullshit since I won't release information on how I do it!!!!! OMG! it's easily do-able with many computers and screen along with proxies to log on all of them.
  5. Dude you're really off on this one. You have to understand that coding requires more work than just "makebot pickpocket the guy" just that would require multiple lines of coding.... It's a lot longer than you expect. For a talented scripter, you shouldn't be paying him 7$ an hour of work... If you want a high quality script, you have to be ready to pay what the scripter deserves. For someone who's talented I would expect to pay them at least 20$/hr. It all depends on what you're willing to spend and what kind of quality work you want. People really underestimate how long a scripter has to work for "such simple stuff"
  6. Not really for what it'll ggive me, the total would be 1500 credits But I asked a very skilled scripter so I think it will be well worth it
  7. well it didn't let me buy that much through the repository. I can have a reputable gold shop send it for me (basgoldshop.com) they have 1000~ vouches on sythe and about 250 on powerbot. If any scripters can provide it to me so I can buy my script off @Mute would be nice. Paying 1$/creds
  8. Maybe it's your java version, it used to run really slow, did java updates and now it's very smooth
  9. No one will hit me with better odds, I won't go in unless I have at least 56% odds. i'm down 2600m in profitable spots this week... i asked this guy to have a conversation about gambling with me and i didn't even get a response. as I've stated, I'm not going to share any of my methods with you. I haven't responded because I haven't been on this forum for a while. You can ask any of the big gold sellers such as: r2p bogla probemas won gold Arcus BGPSales I've sold each one of the countless amount of gold in the past 2 years
  10. Fedora stakers, and here it's as much as 50%... so rip half my profits
  11. nah didnt find the motivation to update this I'm still making really good money staking and just upgraded my pc so I could stake on 50 accounts at once if people are still interested in me bragging about my profits maybe ill do it. Now I have my own company registered with the government for taxes.
  12. Just added another 500$ profits
  13. Of course I am, it wouldn't be so constant haha
  14. not luck when you have odds on 12 different accounts. I try to go in with at least 56% at the end of the day being down is kinda impossible at this point...
  15. Never happend, been up every day so far for about 200-1b/day
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