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  1. If you want to export you char name to other countries you can use Player.getRSPlayer().getName()
  2. I get nothing as output even though my bank is open. @Override public void run() { while(true) { sleep(200); RSItem itemarray[] = Banking.getAll(); for(RSItem index : itemarray) { General.println(index.name + " ID: " + index.getID() + " Stack: " + index.getStack()); } }
  3. I was wondering where in the documentation i can find how to make a popup screen where i can choose options like checkboxes and things like that?
  4. try this. public static boolean WorldHopRandom(boolean members, boolean deadman) { int CurrentWorld = WorldHopper.getWorld(); if(Game.getGameState() == 30) if(Login.logout()); Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { if(Game.getGameState() == 10) return true; General.sleep(50); return false; } }, General.random(50, 200)); if(Game.getGameState() == 10) if(WorldHopper.changeWorld(WorldHopper.getRandomWorld(members, deadman))) Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { if(Game.getCurrentWorld() != CurrentWorld) return true; General.sleep(50); return false; } }, General.random(50, 200)); General.sleep(10000); return false; }
  5. You need Vip extended to use that feature.
  6. How does the code look like? What you could do is to replace the specified tile to if(Inventory.isFull()) Webwalking.walkToBank();
  7. No, it's not on a deadman world. It seems to have been corrected atm but the problem was not the logging out, It was clicking the right world.
  8. When i try to world hop the bot tries to do it but it repeats world selection. I'm using it on OSBuddy btw. i use this code. if(Game.getGameState() == 30) WorldHopper.changeWorld(WorldHopper.getRandomWorld(members, deadman));
  9. They could be animation with other players. What i have done so far is looked at what my character does for anmiation with equiped weapon and used that to know if i am being attacked but the problem is that i have to do that for every weapon since the weapon type determines the blocking animation.
  10. I tried using the Combat class and also iterating through all npcs in the area and checked if they are in combat and is interacting with me. The problem seems to occur when their hp bar disapears. Is there a way i can get an entity that is following and attacking me while i don't attack it? This is an example of what i have tried so far. RSNPC[] npcarray = NPCs.getAll(); println(npcarray.length); if(npcarray.length>0) for(RSNPC index : npcarray) { if(index.equals(null)) println("null"); else if(index.isInCombat() && index.isInteractingWithMe()){ println(index.getName()); } } println(""); General.sleep(500, 1000);
  11. Thanks for the help, I just tested it and i know it does not sort by distance automaticaly. But there is a method in GroundItems which does it automaticaly.
  12. I'm trying to get the bot to click the nearest cowhide ground item. If i don't open it with right click using dynamicclick or any other clicking method which can be used to right left click then it just clicks on the grounditem stack and does not left click and then click the right take item option from the menunode. When i do it like i have done in this code snippet it only picks the first take option which is not the correct one. How can i solve this? RSGroundItem items[] = GroundItems.find("Cowhide"); GroundItems.sortByDistanceA(Player.getPosition(), items);; if(!items.equals(null)) { println("here2"); for(RSGroundItem index: items) { println("here3"); println(index); if(!index.isClickable()) { Camera.turnToTile(index.getPosition()); if(DynamicClicking.clickRSGroundItem(index,3)) { ChooseOption.select("Take"); } }else { if(DynamicClicking.clickRSGroundItem(index,3)) { ChooseOption.select("Take"); } } sleep(1000); break; } //DynamicClicking.clickRSGroundItem(items[0],"Take") }
  13. if(Game.getGameState()== 10){ println("here1"); WorldHopper.changeWorld(WorldHopper.getRandomWorld(false, false)); println("here2"); Login.login(); println("here3"); } It Gets stuck at Change world
  14. Yes, I tried to find it using the theos setting explorer but the index with the right value is not there. while(true){ for(int i = 0; i < 2000; i++){ if(Game.getSetting(i) == 17){ println(""); println(i); println(Game.getSetting(i)); } } sleep(100); } This is the code i also used to find the index where it should trigger and display a value or the value when passing over the region with the wild level yet it does not.
  15. Could you expand on this? I thought you meant Game.getSetting(int index) but I did a for loop to find the index for the level, yet I could not find it and it seems like that is not what you meant.
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