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  1. What the fucks your point? All these forums are botting sites... Are you saying all services bot?
  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but nobody is going to do this cheap, however go bot 10 accounts and hope one doesn't get banned. He is a retard for wanting 19M for some plain mauler account already been done, just purchased one for 8M off site, someone safe. I don't know what you monkeys are complaining about, I'm paying for the service. I never said I'll pay 6M for 1-75 Strength or 60-75, he just assumed that. I need a quote on legit training..
  3. I never offered you a price. I said, I've seen maulers go for that on forums. Read before spamming my thread... Only a retard would pay you what you asked for.
  4. Not a fan of maulers so need a price on the two Note: Obby Mauler 1. 1-70 Strength. Fresh Account, I supply bond + materials 2. 60-70 Strength + 32 Agility, 25 Thieving, 30 Crafting, 40 Mining I need someone who is willing to get it done fast and I don't have a problem paying if it's a reasonable price. NO BOTTING
  5. Nothing but a pathetic liar, I never added you again and never will. You must be mad that I backed out of a trade, ha. Can staff please deal with this matter...
  6. This thread is pointless like the feedback I was given...
  7. How does me logging out even mean we traded? Retarded troll.
  8. I backed out of the trade. Nothing but a troll... I didn't want to give $50+ to a guy with no feedback
  9. Account purchased, recovered, didn't want to help out.
  10. That website should be shut down for good...
  11. I've contacted you. I don't feel comfortable providing my photo ID with all my details.
  12. Payment method: Verified PayPal Organise a MiddleMan if you have trust issues, I have no problem using one! Post your price + Skype
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