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  1. How many credits are you buying: 15Have you added me on skype?: yesAre you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?: 07
  2. Buying 15 Credits, Discuss price VIA private message.
  3. Golds Gym

    Temp ban

    I'm really only sad about the gold. This morning something told me to transfer to my alt, but I didn't. The bank was so organized ffs. I logged on, got a drink. come back and im at the rs screen. login and I see "account disabled." I wasn't even that surprised, i botted 1700+ total over 2 years off and on lol.
  4. Golds Gym

    Temp ban

    I got banned today for the 2nd time. Funny this is I havent botted in over a week, GF 200m + lvl 99 zerk :P. Only bot I ever used on the account was NMZ. Got a delayed ban. Time to bot a new account lol
  5. I bought 2 prem scripts, can i change my name or get the two scripts transferred over?
  6. Did exactly that, still having the same issue. could it be my username now?
  7. Still having an issue. i'm entering everything correct, thats what is upsetting me
  8. It says incorrect user/pass. This can't be an option since i've changed my password 4 times, as well as tried to log into the forums with no issues at all. Can it be the ' in Gold's? If so, can i get a mod or admin to change my name? This never happened before, only today
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