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  1. Professional paint & graphics design services for botting scripts, advertisements, banners, etc. See below images for portfolio. I work with the biggest scripters in the scene & create unique, high quality graphics with distinguishable branding. I also do logo work for scripters, as well as for real world businesses. OSRS Graphics jScripts & jBotStarter branding, banners, paints, icons. ezClueSolver script paint - for FALSkills ezClueSolver - PROTOTYPE/CONCEPT GUI - nGreenDragonKiller signature
  2. Bot seems to get stuck beside (seers village) trees, from time to time right-clicks a tree near the bank and doesnt move, at times, it may veer of course towards camelot castle.
  3. I know this is kind of akward for my first post on tribot... but why is V1.2 not working? When I select it and click start... nothing happens... the scrip manager interface remains.
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