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  1. Also waiting on this. Wouldn't have thought it'd be a big change.
  2. I've achieved 99 fishing twice with no ban, as well as 99 firemaking. Both times I did fishing I took it real slow with lots of breaks. Took 3 months each time.
  3. I would suspect it increases it by a fair amount. Though the increase in speed might make it worth while unless you're botting a main. Generally, more actions = higher ban rate. Especially for longer botting sessions.
  4. Thanks for the script. Just got 99 - Took about 3 weeks of botting around 2-4 hours a day. Pet achieved around 400 KC. 630 KC at 99 (fletched all the way as a fresh ironman account). Any issues I had along the way were Tribot related, rather than an issue with the script.
  5. I stopped botting a few months back after getting banned - pretty sure not using LG was the cause. It wasn't working at the time sadly. Is it running again now?
  6. I've always found ExNightmareZone to do the job on the odd occasion I've botted NMZ. Has support for rock cake and standard prayer. Aside from that then just take breaks etc. and don't bot 24 hours a day. All the standard stuff.
  7. I've always had more issues using the regular client then with LG. LG makes me feel safe and I've only ever had two temp bans with it.
  8. NMZ is pretty safe for the most part from what I gather. It's actually one of the few places I've been banned but I know a lot of other people have maxed with it so y'know...
  9. Well... I legitimately think you can get almost every stat to 99 using Tribot LG with the correct break and play pattern, especially if you're questing as well. For me, there is never enough. On my main account I've botted to 1800 total level and over 100m exp with under 100 quest points. I've also botted my HCIM to the top 5 ranks in a number of stats and rank 1 in one of them (for obvious reasons I won't say which ones). If you get to a point you no longer want to risk it then stop. If you feel it's always worth the risk then keep going. Happy botting and let me know if you ha
  10. LG is often a little later to the party after an update, what with it being beta and all
  11. Had had no issues with Dax Blast Furnace with Mithril or Adamant bars using LG.
  12. What is the best script to craft cosmics with? I've used a trial of many of the ones in the repository but none of them seem to use the shortcut correctly. Any suggestions?
  13. I assume you use Tribot because it's better than the others? Nobody likes downtime but if their client requires more complexity to achieve higher performance levels and therefore takes a little longer to fix then I'm willIing to let it slide. Plus its only $8 per month. Even if its down for a week that's only $2 if they don't give compensation.
  14. My experience supports this. I'm not sure what picked me up though because I logged in at work, took two steps and then ban. I don't even bot at work so maybe it was something to do with the IP change.
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