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  1. Funny enough I had the same thing happen this morning. Had 4 bots that I used to farm and then trasnfer over to my mule, created on different ips but botted on the same ip. Woke up to all bots being banned as well as my mule which was never botted on yet still banned for macroing.
  2. homie its looking glass, and theres a couple of guides on this site that explain the process of setting up lg. i think its in new client advanced (?)
  3. Is worldhopping client or script side? I've been encountering worldhopping loops that are crashing my bots. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Has anyone been able to make it to yews with this script yet? I keep failing to get past 58 woodcutting before being hit with a ban.
  5. i'm having the same problem t.t
  6. Hey aro! I'd like to try out the development version of aminer2. Thanks in advance homie
  7. Gonna test on iblastfurnace once i hit 60 smithing, any update on coal bag eta? also hows it been running so far?
  8. Any updates man? I'm really excited to see your progression throughout this endeavor as I'm looking into starting something similar. My quested main and barb fished obby mauler both got banned earlier this week and I'm trying to find out as much info on effective botting as possible! neva give in fak jagex ban hammar
  9. SOO many complaints about this being still premium when it isn't working? Where is this sites staff at, what the fuck?
  10. Sorry, can you clarify RMD MSRA and what the subject of amount is? Im baffledbobcat, and I live up to my name.
  11. Hey Tribot community, Does anyone have any recommended rdh apps that can be used to monitor my bots from my phone while not at home? I've used googles to decent success but it lacks some helpful features like right clicking q.q. In addition to that question, would using a remote desktop host while the client is running flag me in anyway? Does this type of thing leave a trace that creates a greater chance for being caught botting? I ask this as I've used it during a time my acct received a two day ban. Happy botting! -Baffledbobcat
  12. EDIT - I'd also like to mention I've only used the regular tribot client and never LG as I am clueless about da fuck LG is. I have OSRS installed on my comp but mainly use the tribot client even when legit playing. Just got a 2 day ban on my main. I've been botting on this account for about 5 or 6 days now. Listed below is the general order of scripts I've used. The point of this post is not to point fingers, but to provide information. I've thoroughly enjoyed the week I've botted with this client even though it came along with many hours of research and navigating the forums for updated scripts. This is not a post to discourage the use of this client, rather its a post designed to provide information so that the community may benefit from whatever mistake was made throughout my botting endeavor. Before reading the rest I'd like to note that I've been using VIP Trial and have hand-quested, skilled, and monster slain frequently in between botting sessions. -ArQuest - used for about 4 quests, baby sat most of them. -Tri Man Fighter - botted a lot of hours two days on this. Breaks were taken, babysat often, didnt seem to run into too many problems code wise -FC Sheep Shearer- worked fine, babysat -Tri Al-Kharid warriors - used this the most, if anything this was the most recklessly used script due to it performing consistently well. Breaks were taken, maximum 7 hour botting intervals. -Master Walker AIO used frequently during legit playing. Didn't get stuck often but seemed to follow the exact same path in a manner that deems it questionably safe in regards to frequent use. -Varrock museum mini quest - went very quickly....smoothly....didnt need to babysit and only used it to get first rewards. -Tri Al-Kharid warriors used again to train -Used some kind of bone burying script that clicked like a maniac but got the job done (for 1k reg bones) *i have multiple in my script list and am not sure which was used -Used trial of dax fighter aio - script worked with careful GUI setup, didnt run for too long but was used at hill giants. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Below I will list the scripts used on the eve of my ban _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -dax fighter aio for slayer task at hill giants - completed fine -FC Woodcutting at Draynor village 1-36 - script worked well but stopped often due to consistent ip connection requests....by this i mean like evrey 5 mins i had to deal with 5 requests *this is where the majority of my suspicion lies -Used SigmaFlax to collect 1k flax for crafting xp, bot was fast and consistent albeit it's methods were a bit too quick and bot-like. didnt get stuck at all tho. -OVERNIGHT i used the trial of Alpha Crafter Pro which lasts an hour. I was asleep so naturally did not see how well it ran, but woke up to the script having ended due to trial expiration (this was expected of course and part of the reason why i allowed the bot to run while I was asleep) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm making a wild assumption here that SigmaFlax helped flag my account mainly due to flax picking being a highly bannable money making method. I'd really like this post to spark discussion on safe botting methods once 2-day banned as well as properly maintained scripts. I do plan on continuing to bot however I'm not sure where to begin now as I've been away from the runescape and botting communities for about 4 years now and assume much has changed ANYWAY, My thanks to the tribot team and it's scripters for providing this service and I hope that this community can grow together into something reminiscent of older botting days. --BaffledBobcat
  13. wtf how i tribot forums?!

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