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  1. Yeah, but I'm not retarded about it. I've set up breaks, I use unique proxies, I don't overwork them. I've had some bad luck with scripts too. Thank you for the link!
  2. my accounts get banned within 2 weeks so
  3. HabbaTheJutt


    Does anyone here have any experience with it and what are some unique/helpful features it has? Specifically, what I'm looking to do with it is have multiple instances of a web browser open, all running on different proxies so that I can use LG to some effectiveness. Yes, I know that LG can already switch the proxy once it takes control of the web client, but I'm paranoid that Jagex might be able to detect the change between the IP to which the client data was sent and the IP that is now making connections through said client.
  4. Thank you. Sorry for being pissy. Haha. Been having lots of troubles with premium scripts and a lack of support for them lately.
  5. The script still wouldn't start. I had all the settings correct. Pretty simple GUI.
  6. Why do you have to have a glory/ring of dueling? It can't just walk back and forth to bank/portal in yanille? Dumb. That literally makes this script 100% useless for me. Script wouldn't even start for me during the trial either.
  7. I'll look into proxifier and I will let you know if I find one for free!
  8. ABC2. I had some tribot clients open on a separate(virtual) computer and when I closed them, it seemed to fix the problem, even though none of them were the account that I was trying to use this script on, nor were any of them running this script. Lmao. So, I don't know. I also adjusted my ammo setting to pick up stacks of '1' even though I didn't have ranged toggled on.
  9. The tutorial doesn't really help in this case because I want to be able to open multiple clients in the same browser under different proxies(they can be different instances of the browser, just all the same program).
  10. Seems a little sketchy. I feel like jagex probably does plant a unique number or something when they upload client data to your computer so they can identify which IP loaded the client, no matter what the IP of future connections are. They're on top of the botting stuff.
  11. How long does it take to make decent scripts? Do they implement abc2 with abcl10 or is that not necessary for private scripts? I feel like a lot o my money making scripts could not be easily duplicated.
  12. How do I properly use LG? How do I get a bunch of clients open with different proxies?
  13. I use premium scripts almost exclusively. Is it safe to create multiple accounts on one proxy? I usually only do one because I don't want to get chain banned. What do you do...create an account and just let it sit for two weeks or do you play it or?
  14. I mean how many I make depends on the day, usually they get banned within the first two days though.
  15. I will keep this in mind. I am making long-term and short term accounts. The long term ones need expensive training, so I use the short term ones to fund them/pay for membership. I have been planning on questing on them though. I have a couple quest scripts as well(although, I'm pretty sure Jagex knows which quests can be botted and which cannot or at least don't have a publicly available script). Also, do you hand train skills to 30 or bot them?
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