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  1. If using a friends house mode the script just teles back to cw after teleporting to house. It never actually goes in portal at all. I havent tried other modes. Varrock tab, Dueling ring, house tablet, the lvl 47 lectern.
  2. Any Idea what can be restricting the gui from grabbing current equipment?
  3. Hey not sure why Im dieing so much like 2 per hour at, Using ahrims/karils. Trident swamp blow pipe serpentine. Recoil obby cape. Occult and fury Than I bring 3 prayers 3 karams, and shark. Im 99 mage/range and 78 defence. Any tips?
  4. Switching from? Blazing Seo Why you're switching? They dont work well How many proxies? 10 to test than 25 Price you're paying? 1 usd per Proof of purchase? How can we contact you? Popple383GoldShop
  5. I would say close to double that or more
  6. I dont believe this is working atm it loads up all items. After doing so it will than offer one item and gets stuck right after. Am I the only experiencing this?
  7. Anyone having problems with this atm? Mine doesnt seem to want t offer items atm? Shall i reconfigure or is everyone experiencing this?
  8. Please post. or contact me on Skyep: Popple383goldshop
  9. I just assumed there was one after last update my bad. My cpu just through tthe roof today idk why
  10. I also did and it disappeared for me. Tried contacting him here, via Pm, and on skype. I would advise against purchasing USA's scripts if it takes 5 days to even get a reply.
  11. Purchased 3 of this script awhile back and it has since been removed from my repository. Contacted on skype hope we can get this sorted.
  12. Looking for a partner. I can handle absurd amounts of bots with very limited bans. However I am not the best at tweaking the lists I use. If at all interested shoot me a pm. Your job would be creating lists and you will receive a portion of the profits.
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