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  1. From looking at his thread it seems like the script doesn't run very well.
  2. And by manager I mean bots that will keep the blast furnace running endlessly. Thanks!
  3. I just want a furnace manager written for me, and am willing to pay a fair amount of credits. This should be fairly easy to code as I only want a furnace manager and not a bar smelter. Looking for a distinguished scripter to do this job for me, please post or PM if you have any interest. Thanks!
  4. I'm new here, can anybody help me out with a list? I've flipped and botted before, but I'm just not sure what items are the least risky and most profitable to go for with my 30m cash stack. Thanks!
  5. bump, still haven't received credits or refund. here's my BTC address for refund 16RJpwWj2qEZNsEgwqVT8jeVgZUNESe4q7
  6. I sent my exact BTC within the time window, I purchased 50 credits but did not receive them. Link to blockchain: https://blockchain.info/address/1Nrguwnuc1q1uhwbV1ZAcpEDXx1niaoegU I used my localbitcoins account wallet to send them to the address I was given. It seems a lot of people have had this problem in the last few hours so maybe its a bug.
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