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  1. kinda wish i didnt buy VIP lul .. also lost my time of my free trial on a premium script

    Cant login

    did they give you an ETA? Kinda inconvenient on our end here. Thanks for the quick reply tho man

    Cant login

    Yep I was using it perfectly fine until I bought the paid subscription. Guess I know to never buy it again lul
  4. I've been a Tribot user for years. I just purchased VIP, reloaded the client.. and now it's telling me my information is incorrect. I know for a fact my information is correct. Any ideas?

    Cant login

    I'm having the same issue. I literally just purchased VIP, and now I cannot login.
  6. I did forget I had another registered and what are the names of people I can contact?
  7. Originally had problems with this script but @Worthy helped me fix it all and now I'm getting over 1.4m per hour at 98 cb! Was just wondering, if I were to get the pet, does it bank it?
  8. I just purchased this script and so far it has been horrible. Every time I get on the charter boat, it arrives at the island, doesn't get off the boat, and immediately teles back to clan wars.
  9. Hey guys! Well, I went to the duel arena with 10m and decided to do some small stakes. I ended up walking out with 55m from my 10m, so now I'm going to sell this and buy some microsoft points for xbox xD Anyways, I'll sell at $1.20/1m. Would like to use a middleman to complete this transaction as well!
  10. Do you actually believe my account would be locked if I used a VPN server from my country? I've had 2 bans in the past week so I highly believe my ip is flagged, that's why I'm trying to take necessary precaution to prevent any more bans.
  11. Hey guys! Is using a standard VPN as secure as using a proxy through the Tribot system? Let me know, thanks!
  12. How often do you recommend taking breaks? Can you add me on skype and answer a few questions I may have ? Me and my mate may be purchasing. skype: crazypking
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