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  1. They reset every skill to 1 and clear your bank. If you're botting something like nats they have been known to set all your skills to negative 200m xp so you need to earn that + 83xp to get level 2 in anything. I would suggest making a new account and never logging into that one ever again as if you do they will track you ip and instantly ban any new accounts.
  2. No. Hundreds of people buy scripts because they don't work.
  3. 2 posts and 0 rep and you want other people to go first when you can just disable the proxies?
  4. 35m for 3 days of botting?
  5. If you don't care about the way bans work, then you wouldn't be curios. I don't give a shit about your dictionary definitions.
  6. If you're curios about something then you care about it.
  7. Why do you bother blacking out your user name when it's obviously cabe133.
  8. Why the fuck do you care?
  9. I'll buy it all in increments. You go first or we get a mm.
  10. rsproject

    LG and Proxy

    Unless you're using a extension like proxy cap to change the ip address of the osbuddy client then jadex will still see your home ip, no matter what proxie you use with tri-bot.
  11. No ones going to tell you how to be successful, you have to work it out yourself.
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