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  1. The user never traded me over the 3m. Im not getting banned for something i did not receive. he is clearly trying to frame me for something i did not do. That trade screen is not enough evidence to prove that the user did in fact trade me the 3m. this can not be valid evidence!
  2. What's wrong with it? I can update, as he has posted the source code.
  3. Just Bought, very good so far. Super Heating mithril bars at the moment. Will post proggie in 3 hours if can run might run out of ores though Thanks mate
  4. hind79

    buying vip 7,5$

    Beware of scammers mate! Only go to trusted.
  5. both amazing but Defiantly water birth script. less chance of getting crashed and better xp! Very good script, amazing scriptwriter so constant updates when bugs & other stuff wrong.
  6. Talking on skype. Waiting for reply...
  7. hind79

    twc v2

    You're attitude is horrible, wonder why they won't remove it tbh.
  8. GET YOUR DYNAMIC SIGNATURE! REPLACE "Everyone" WITH YOUR TRiBOT FORUM USERNAME! http://download.mutesscripts.com/products/dynamic/slayer/Everyone.png CURRENT FEATURES: DONE | COMING ALL MASTERS SUPPORTED! - - - - OTHER FEATURES - - - - - - Agility shortcuts - Antiban (toggle on or off) - Antifire support - Auto-restocking slayer supplies - CAN START ANYWHERE - Custom loot table Input exact item names with proper casing - EATING ANY FOOD - Ectophial support for canfis tasks - Equipment switching for Mage gear, range gear, melee gear, and prayer gear See GUI picture above - Fast point mode (Turael 9 tasks - whatever else next task) - Loot Logger - LOOTING SUPPORT - NPC Contact - Potions support - Prayer Support (You may select what tasks you wish to use prayer on) - Pure support Attack Style Preservation & Task Skipping - Ranging support (not looting or safespotting) - RUNES or TELETABS SUPPORT - Slayer dungeon support - Slayer helm as gem support - Special attack support - Support for slug salter, reptile freezer, shroom sprayer , and gargoyle smasher unlocks - TASK CAMPING AIO COMBAT - Task Flagging Skip tasks via turael or via points MONSTERS SUPPORTED FOR NORMAL SLAYING (AIOSlayer): MONSTERS SUPPORTED FOR CAMPING (AIOCombat): RUNNING THE SCRIPT: 1. Buy the following items: 2. DISABLE ALL WARNING INTERFACES USING THE DOOMSLAYER 3. MAKE SURE CLIENT INPUT IS OFF, AND YOU'RE LOGGED IN. NEXT, Start the script! PROGGIES / VOUCHES: cbtexan04, on 05 Aug 2013 - 09:22 AM, said: PvM Whitey, on 08 Aug 2013 - 10:47 PM, said: PLEASE POST PROGGIES! CHANGE-LOG: FAQ: Q: What is the task flagging feature? A: If you select monsters, in flag tasks, if you get that task, the bot will go to turael, and retrieve a different task (Hold CTRL to select multiple). Q: What is the fast point mode feature? A: This feature will get 9 tasks from the turael slayer master, and a tenth from the slayer master you originally chose for very fast points. Q: Why isn't the loot table working? A: Make sure you spelled the item name correct, and that the casing of the item name is correct. For example, if you put in 'Varrock Teleport', it would not work because it should be 'Varrock teleport'. Also make sure you properly entered the item name, by selecting the row, and pressing enter (Just make sure your cursor is not active within the row). Q: What is the task camping feature (AIOCombat)? A: If you choose to camp tasks, the bot will act as if you received the task from a slayer master, and continually kill your selected monster. The camp tasks feature supports all of the features inherited from AIOSlayer. Q: Does this script use prayer? A: You may select whether or not to use prayer on the main tab of the gui, and you may also select which monsters you wish to use prayer against on the prayer tab. Select multiple by using CTRL + click. Q: Does this script switch equipment? A: Yes, though you must set your equipment on the equipment tab of the gui, by selecting the corresponding checkboxes, and pressing set equipment on each contained tabs (Mage based, Melee based, Range based). What the tabs are for, for example: Mage based means, it will be using whatever armor you set on this tab against magic type monsters. Q: Why does this script sometimes automatically skip monsters? A: Because such monsters aren't coded, and need to be skipped to continue. (I.E. Greater demons, Cave horrors, etc) Q: How many accounts can I run off of one auth? A: Two (at one time). Q: Why Is the price so high? A: This is a slayer script that kills over 80 different monsters. You are entitled to all future updates if you purchase as well. If you need any help, add me on skype: ...always use start script, never use re-run Would this work on a obby mauler with 1 def and 5 attack and 1 prayer?
  9. Hind.tribot Thanks very much Going first to trusted only.
  10. Hello, Welcome to Hind79 RS3 BUYING Gold Shop Prices Anywhere between $0.29 - $0.31 Payment Methods Skrill/Paypal/UKBT (MIDDLEMAN CAN BE USED AT ANY TIME) SKYPE: HIND.TRIBOT
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