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  1. i left it half way through a big update so its being tricky to get back into cause i forgot what i was doing but i got the hang of it now
  2. instala o Java primeiro, depois clica no ficheiro com extensão .jar
  3. Please read ,y signature, I've already talked to trilez and explained why I have been inactive, if you list all the bugs that are concerning you, i'll take care of them starting next week
  4. Please read the instructions in the first page of the thread, by the picture I can tell you did not
  5. I will not refund you because you got banned, I understand why you would be upset, but I'm not the one to blame, sorry. And yes, I see now what you mean by it, but I still think you're over reacting about it, no need to caps lock at me, I don't ignore you, I wrote down your bugs and fixed 2/4 of them already, but I only upload the new versions when I finish tweaking everything that has been reported or when I finish testing it. Yes you have the right to complain, but it's not game breaking so I think I deserve some time to get it done, I could have written a script that walks to dragons
  6. Ye the client is asking for permissions on login (connection permissions) just accept them, its the runescape servers. As i said previously, client related
  7. Of course it was a script who got you banned -.- you ARE botting, that's what gets you banned, jesus. Anyways, testing new safespots now and tweaking a few things.
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