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  1. @Aropupu 1-99 mining all done through this script. Props to you Aropupu.
  2. @Aropupu Script seems to get stuck banking amethyst, tried both bank deposit and chest options.
  3. @Aropupu also having trouble with script detecting my gem bag, it wont find it either placed in inventory or bank
  4. Purchased this script today and tried to fish monkfish at piscatoris. The fishing pole which i assume is mouse paint is moving but the actual tribot cursor is stuck in one spot. Also it was unable to read my xp gained or current level. Using looking glass
  5. Clean installed tribot before running script. Banned after two days (around 4 hour sessions tops with breaks and not botting while sleeping) on clean account with non-bot stats and 100+ quest points. Running default settings except spam clicking enabled (changed max to 3) and ABCL -2 faster (the delays were quite long) Running Seers and pollivneach courses. Things I noticed that might not neccesarily be script issues: Inconsistent clicks on the object to start of course, resulting in the run back to the start left standing near the start of the course for a few seconds sometimes to try to click again. Mouse speed felt a bit too fast most of the time, and other times it was in a crawl (especially when starting the course). I did not touch anything with the mouse speed, to clarify and I understand that the script is meant to click faster when it hovers something or right clicks. Otherwise script performed very well and I had no issues. Looking for some advice what I might have done wrong here that lead up to my ban as I have heard many people getting 99 agility with this script.
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