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  1. Bullshit cut. I work full time in a carpentry position. I have many responsibilities as a young man there. I recently bought a 95 tj wrangler that needs a rear leaf over put back to under, new shackle lift, new tires, new drive shaft, i mean it's a project but it is awesome. I recently stopped going to my business college classes as i can CLEPS/DANTES them and they were so basic anyways. I have damn near no time for anything fun to do, my life revolves around making money. The numbers are there and i am applying them. I am one person relying on many others that simply are not able to lead a lifestyle i live. It's not easy, i rarely see friends/family, i literally quit smoking and massively reduced any alcohol consumption simply cause i cannot find time to smoke a fucking cig. Real note, i want my family to succeed but seeing i am a real mess i just want succession around me. I want to be able to give anyone information i can simply to motivate or help them through there goals. Hell, goldfarming with bots has so many variables that cannot be pinpointed, such as bans. Though hell, i can give my experiences with such methods, what methods i am currently doing that are working for me. Life sucks, you are a dick for no reason. I'm not the person who hits the internet and instantly has 6 different personalities, nope i am the same person. Just wanted to help an individual out but folks insist on trolling. I mean, i can release over 60 lists with between 7-18 items per list to the community for Tau GE, give all my insight on it which is stupid extensive, and just watch you all scramble from there?
  2. That's cool to have an opinion. Please fuck off elsewhere, not sure what's wrong with offering advice? Do you wake up in the morning with a hard on to be a prick to people for no reason?
  3. Vip-E expired yesterday and renewal isn't being established for a week to synchronize all bills. I have a lot of work to be done in relation to my farm and my business. Why are you salty? Please tell me what i am doing wrong here by maybe giving someone free advice if they need help. I don't need negativity from individuals as yourself.
  4. Of course automation can be simplified further and further until it's one click and off you go, though for viability reasons for many people here, it's not always in the right cards to include software that reduces workload as you said cause of financial reasons and for many people this creates a bigger challenge in the long run. Running a botfarm isn't impossible, it is full of rewarding experience and insightful knowledge that only will be life lessons well deserved. I see the potentials that are to be gained, investing the hours can be rewarding. My farm is by no means completely automated, and i am able to have satisfactory returns compared to my involvement. Though there is still bigger and better things to be gained from the experience of a botfarm. Botfarming for many has kept the same "gameplan" on how they will make money, only to be discouraged quite quickly off the bat which is a shitty feeling, you gotta experience failure to understand what it takes to succeed. If you can take 1$, stretch it as far as you possible can, take the lowest satisfactory ROI % per time invested on a botfarm of your choice, expect 99% of accounts to get banned, and find a penny or two to make off that, scale that up and you essentially are profitable as long as you continue to put in the time to ensure everything is running. Individuals need to base profits off of the low end always. I know an individual personally that raises goats and charges people by the sq/ft to have his goats come out and eat peoples vegetation to essentially nothing, and he does quite well in the 6 figure range by simply providing a service others can do even cheaper, but has managed to find himself his market advantage that retains his unreal profits regardless of how many rednecks raise goats for fun anyways. There's a way to make money off of anything if you have realistic expectations built off hard numbers.
  5. when you have the resources for a large scale farm it transistions from being automation to turning into alot of work just to ensure automation is up and running. there's nobody out there with over 3 digit botfarms that don't have to invest a lot of time to ensure complete efficiency or atleast a very good standard through automation. You can automate every step of the way, but there will always be the manual labor portion of achieving automation and unless you have some real dough to invest then nobody here realistically can produce the scripts to have a fluid system. I am offering free consultation, simply it. I'm not requesting anything from anyone except that they be serious about their farm. If you dislike the information i offer then simply you can block me on skype. This is a way for me to establish a relative position to my claims and to be able to help the many struggling users that are out there if possible.
  6. I work full time in a carpentry trade, i started this as a source of extra income but then after numerous discussions and realities of potentials, it was clear to me that the effort i put in will only be reward exponentially. The revenue from running a botfarm has only been generated through work and ultimately you will only have a ROI that is equivalent to your effort. Harder I work, The more I make essentially, concept applies everywhere in life. Now i simply have the power to control how much i make a hour through the amount of work i put in, i don't have to rely on someone above me to ensure safety of my wages being paid hourly at a normal 9-5 job. I can crash and burn any day but contigency plans for this "industry" is necessary to ensure survival and when you think ahead and have proper time management and realistic goals, then you can essentially pull this shit off.
  7. There's alot of misconceptions on the profit/hr siggys in relation to how long the script has been running and if you restarted. If you take an account an give it a fresh gp stack and let's say a list that will is expected to make atleast 1% margin, now the bot only profits when the item is sold okay? So when you start the script with a fresh stack of cash it'll put only in for buy offers and then wait to get them then calculates an expected margin on whatever it bought and then displays the profit/hr. Well that profit/hr isn't solid until items are sold, that's why it gives a sporadic 500k+/hr profits when it starts to buy items and then depending on what kind of volume the traded items are and their prices can influence a crazy profit/hr. So now relating to your situation in stating the bot makes better profit/hr by restarting it every 4hrs is mostly just speculation. If you restart the script and the bot still has items and no only a cash stack, it'll take those items and put them in the ge and once again depending on volume/amount traded and price of said item, it'll just give another sporadic profit/hr. Take this gold nugget of information from me to save yourself time of restarting the bot every 4hours, because unless you update the list you are using, or the bot isn't performing as it's supposed to, then you are realistically making no more actual profit/hr than just letting it go. Take it from me, i have the experience of using several dozens accounts and flipping over 400+ items at any given time of day gives some very insightful knowledge while cross referencing performance among accounts.
  8. No, i did not, hilarious story in relation to you being affiliated with Virtualbuddy and acting as an affiliate for marketing. After i purchased the dedi i noticed your discount code and it gave me some quite ingenious ideas on future endeavors. Plus sadly i am moving away from all VPS/Dedi providers that are associated with the black market side of Runescape. It's simply for cutting costs and retaining equivalent efficiency; though peace of mind knowing my provider has no idea nor cares for anything Runescape related is nice. I am in no way giving a negative review/response to Virtualbuddy.org or any of it's affiliates, i have recieved excellent service from pwningcows and have no negative comments to make on his business.
  9. Already have you added on skype and seeing as you are affiliated to YohoGold it makes it kind of a turn off really as essentially i consider YohoJo a heavy competitor. In the last month i have purchased 67 proxies. 40 of them from Proxyfish, 17 from socks5proxies(Montreals business), and 10 from virmach. I have also purchased 3 of virmachs 8gb "rs" vps's and purchased another 24gb dedicated "gold farm" package from virtualbuddy(pwningcows business) are strictly to be utilized to run only 1 style of botfarm that has marginally proved to be very profitable. Most people assume automation is simply just start and go, though it takes many hours just to start automation, and then you have to repeatedly do it. Many fail in those aspects as they quickly lose sight of what they are trying to achieve. I put in work to make a marginal of 1-5%/hr which is amazing ROI in terms of time/money. Many don't understand how to actually design a decent game plan to ensure botfarm sustainability and that is the truth.
  10. Hello everyone, RQ177 here with a unique "service" offering. This will be of no charge but is only for the right individual that is like minded in succeeding. I have extensive knowledge on several goldfarming methods and am looking to assist several individuals simply in consultation on improving their bot farm and developing future plans for their business. By allowing me to assist you, i am not asking for access to any sensitive information, it would be more or less simply consultation through skype. Through consultation their will be specific parts of running a successful botfarm that will be held out, i do retain the right to withhold information that i feel is sensitive to my own business. With that being said though that does not mean i will not give you the necessary tools and perspectives on how to overcome many of the issues that people encounter. This is a way for me to establish a relationship with like minded people that are wanting to take their current standing and be able to go higher. If you are are dedicated to your work and wish to grow then feel free to reply below with your skype, a formal introduction of yourself, and lastly what you need assistance with. Please PM me if you are interested in expanding your farm privately and would like a professional insight on many potential revenue streams. I am looking to establish business partnerships with individuals that are looking to increase their profits at no extra risk that what is required to get the gold. Have a nice day everyone ^_^.
  11. It's just an old script ya know? Seems as if many of the scripters are busy finishing up school for the semester so hopefully this summer we will see some big updates. I like the script it's just it can have a polish over.
  12. My review on this script would be that it is below even a subpar standard. I started a farm of 21 accounts, all accounts have a whitelisted proxy, 18 out of 21 banned within 5~ hours. I'm not exactly upset at it's standard with 90% of scripts on Tribot nowadays since they only get yearly updates lmfao/
  13. Well i seldom would ever post an introduction thread but tonight we will let the Corona take control of this one. Hello, RQ177 here, the name does have significance but of no importance to anyone on these threads, and for those it does have significance they will know what my name is getting at. I, a young male located in the states, speak for this account. I am a veteran, i am nearing journeyman status in a random trade i picked up that i do enjoy, i have no college degrees though am very near several different associates (within 6 credits for 3 associates). I have a future ahead of me filled with hard work and failure. I don't think of the negatives as barriers that halt all progress, i take them for what they are worth and walk around them and omit them from my plans. I, as many of you on these and many other forums have been told, You were to be the kid that was to grow up and makes more money than anyone else and hell maybe even have a Trophy Husband/Wife with that cash. I understand my intellect because i understand who i am as a person, but i will never just wake up with a million dollars and neither will you. All those times you were told you are intelligent, or you will be successful in life, or hell your parents say that you'll end up buying them a new house, only sets you up to think those things will come. I believe in do or die on this shit we call life. I lived homeless for many years, i starved for many nights, i gambled my days away hoping; Sorry folks hope is only wishful thinking, doing is taking action, i strive to improve my life, not wish my life gets improved. Thanks, Hope everyone has a good one xD.
  14. I have actually experienced no bans in the past 7 days and for me that is very unusual. Time to expand my horizon now.
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