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  1. Hello, I just purchased the script but it is not comming up on the client?
  2. This... I bought the lifetime auth because I bot once in awhile not everyday often don't bot for weeks... LIFE GETS BUSY... so if this option is being taken away there is no point in investing monthly to bot on personal accounts once in awhile.. I believe that there should be 1 instance per auth for lifetime scripts... or at least the option for a refund on scripts because I bought it with the knowledge of being able to bot whenever I felt like it. Unfair that its being taken away without any option for a refund and the only compensation is more run time which is useless (not the rea
  3. For compensation is there anyway that you can allow us to pause the membership until looking glass is available again? Because I only usually looking glass and would rather save all the days remaining until that is fixed
  4. Hey, this happens to me too what information do you need?
  5. Its not much but the bot keeps attacking a monster that is in combat with someone else. Doesn't attempt to attacking different targets that are in the vicinity but that one target sometimes. Also, When under attack keeps selecting another target rather than attacking the one which is attacking my character.
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