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  1. i have spoken with this scripter and he told me he dosent have anouf time to get this script flawles his job is fire fighter btw..... be warned before u buy this
  2. need a update on privet script i buyed
  3. patoon17


    i could help you fore 10m sir
  4. adding peopel to that team, with no use if you would have develpment slave u could maby get this shite working your just shit head walking in mountains finding him self cool where is hour mobile bot you fagg
  5. i could help you sir fore 10 m
  6. https://gyazo.com/0988e34ed233824b49d285bae68a5151
  7. tanning dragon hide is best way i can think of so far stil need to try out autotyper
  8. so what could i bot to get acounts banned real quick
  9. patoon17

    Got banned

    i got banned to what u try to say
  10. i wil test this god bles you
  11. i can see what u mean men with afk works pretty wel i left my mule acounts one with afk fore days i forgot them and there stil not banned while my farm is
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