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  1. Should have a setting in tribot to disable all sound output.
  2. you don't need scripter rank to make free scripts. could just make a deal where if the method is good, both the scripter and this guy will use the script. guy scripting gets a new money making method, guy wanting script gets free script. win win.
  3. Awesome, keep those bug fixes coming! hoping "Add new internal framework for capturing exceptions" will be helpful with the click hanging bug.
  4. you said it keeps trying to login in over and over again. what happens when it tries to login, does it get user/pass incorrect or mistype it or connection failed or already logged in like what is the reason it doesn't login? I've had problems where if an account is already logged in and another bot tries to login to that account then the login.login(user, pass) never returns false and just keeps trying to login and never exits the login() method. super annoying but im not sure if that's the same problem you're having
  5. what did the script do? I need an account with membership to fix the script. did you have 23m worth of items worn and then you died? I dont really get how you could have lost 23m from the script.
  6. probably uses the max range no? if you can't set the distance I would only assume so.
  7. yeah, interesting. I think I would hate to have static ip. useful in some scenarios for sure though.
  8. I'm not disagreeing with your point but how the fuck did you keep the same ip for years, that takes some effort.
  9. damn, did trilez change some stuff? this script has worked for like a year without updates ? I haven't been botting for a while so I dno when I'll get a chance to check it out
  10. yeh comparing hand vs bot, I used zulrah as an example. Wouldn't wanna lose your account, nightmare zone is pretty safe though, that's how i botted 99 combat stats but i was also playing legit a lot in those days.
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