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  1. Should have a setting in tribot to disable all sound output.
  2. you don't need scripter rank to make free scripts. could just make a deal where if the method is good, both the scripter and this guy will use the script. guy scripting gets a new money making method, guy wanting script gets free script. win win.
  3. huh weird, doing that never works for me, it's always stuck at either no debug or whatever it was set to, can't drag it unless im on the screen where you click new client, advanced client etc.
  4. remember this will also reset your other settings, an alternative could be to set it up how you like, then copy the general.ini file and then when it screws up just replace the file with the copied one. It's weird, I think it's to do with the debug, sometimes the whole client will be debug and can't see the bot, other times the debug will disappear and be replaced by the in game view
  5. Agreed, after many thousands of bans on a single IP I'm pretty certain they don't IP BAN but I don't see why they wouldn't flag accounts created by that same IP. The accounts created on "flagged" IP's can still last several hours/days, depending on what you're doing.
  6. I think if you don't press "stop script" then it will still think it's running for a while. don't quote me on that though.
  7. Awesome, keep those bug fixes coming! hoping "Add new internal framework for capturing exceptions" will be helpful with the click hanging bug.
  8. You mentioned JRE but you need to run looking glass with JDK
  9. do you use the interface explorer to find the chat interface? double check the master is 137 and the child is whatever you have. check if that's null and then maybe grab one line from interface explorer and grab that component and then see if thats null. I dno though just trying to help debug.
  10. What other things are you worried about? When botting the worst thing that can happen is getting banned. They don't generally block IP's and I believe it would happen even less with residential IP's but it's possible the IP could be flagged so that any account made from it is automatically added to the "check if bot" pile but if you don't care about bans then what's the harm in testing? You can definitely make money from botting hundreds of accounts on a single IP. just depends how you go about it. Another thing would be if you're creating the accounts on the 1 IP then you won't be able
  11. rar and jar files are completely different things. you downloaded tribot.jar which is a java file not .rar which is a compressed folder
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