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  1. sup man just brought script runs allgood. but just when you use cake as a food type it eats it once, the cake turns into 2/3 of a cake so apparently it doesnt eat that and its junk so i drops it. any chance on fixing ? cheers
  2. must of bugged out and sat somewhere if you only got that much xp in 24hours
  3. hey man bot sometimes bugs out and doesnt mine rockfall and just sits in a corner can we get this fixed please ?
  4. yo man just brought vps but having trouble figuring out how to use it with my bot/ setup a proxy for me to use. have added you on skype. pls help bro
  5. hey bro bots been awesome but went to start it the other day like i usually do loads up sweet as ( im at barb fishing spot ) but it just keeps running back and forth to fishing spots and doesnt fish.
  6. alot of the time on the last elemental bit of summer garden it walks instead of running and gets caught by element because its too slow and the element does it circut and comes back and gets me. this is for getting squirks not herbs
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