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  1. pet at 300 kc cheers worthy and i saw you posted it would not refill mate, but the script stopped it did not carry on without it. its not a complaint by the way just updating you.
  2. pouch ran out of runes mate and script ended. there was also astrals in bank which is what ran out. cheers just letting you know
  3. nice work and thank you mate. i got fang and onyx either back to back or 1 after
  4. yeah seems to happen everytime mate. sometimes runs to edge bank but just stands there. other times just at edgy spawn location. cheers by the way amazing script this is the only problem i have
  5. death walking at edgy is broken just stands there
  6. would this avoid the 20min afk inactivity or more likely to get you banned?
  7. im after buying this but a lot of people saying its broke? and no update for a long time. intrested to know
  8. wtf11

    centos VPS

    Hi mate i tried to use LG on my vps but for some reason it says something about java and does not load is there another package of java i need to download. If so do you by any chance have the command i need to put in puTTy. Cheers
  9. Just wanted to post mate and tell you this script is a BEAST. You should be proud mate well done.
  10. Big thank you to iFLUFFE got me up and running as my vps was a nightmare big thank you mate 100% trusted which is hard to find in the rs community these days.
  11. wtf11

    centos VPS

    not sure id i can switch pal as i went for centos. ive had to install gnome as the other one wouldnt install all commands would not work for me, ive got everything on now tribot loader.jar but unable to do anything from there. ive sent you a reply to the pm. sorry for the late reply pal only just come online
  12. Hi guys having a nightmare installing XFCE4.4 well in general. Ive not been on for 5 years so out of touch with the setup. Anyone trusted mind team view me to help setup. Cheers guys.
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