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  1. Todd


    The client does use some native stuff, so some features, or all features may not work on ARM architecture.
  2. join the discord and open a ticket.
  3. You need to log out and login to the forums using auth0. Then you should be able to login to the client using your email address instead of your username. 30secauth0 guide.mp4
  4. Login with auth0 Email. check ur email for errors.
  5. https://tribot.org/download.php?jar=1
  6. The jar supports 32 and 64bit.
  7. We are aware of continuing issues. in the meantime, please try following the video above. If you're still having issues, let us know. We're still looking at a few cases of users who cannot log in.
  8. Hey everyone, we're very aware of a select group of people having issues and we're working to solve it!
  9. whats wrong with that version?
  10. Hi, there is no known rate at which Jagex bans accounts. You may have good luck or bad luck depending on what your doing, when your doing it, and how you're doing it. The client isn't detected but your actions, and your playstyle certainly is. Keep that in mind.
  11. TRiBot 11.1.8 - Add CLI support to the dependencies jar - Switch to synchronous invokeAndWait when adding messages to logger - Add Boomer mode
  12. boss alone would be cool.
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