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  1. Where can we find more information about the dynamic interface explorers. Is that something script developers can use, because the interface explorer looks the same?
  2. Some progress logs would be nice, or at least some stats.
  3. WHY FORCE RESTART CLIENT!? But as always, thank you! EDIT: Wow! There is a very noticable difference when stopping scripts. Now it is almost instant. Thank you!!
  4. Why force a client restart? Now I have to spend so long to set up my 100 bots again when switching script. EDIT: thank you though.
  5. Looks very nice. You should add this thread from the repository. EDIT: Make sure to use the whole uptext for "Use Raw shrimps -> Fire" because if someone is standing on the fire it will use the shrimp on the player. EDIT2: Also, it can get stuck here https://gyazo.com/99f7fe8c4fed714f3b4e9663db7d1947 if the range is not on screen. EDIT3: Sometimes it tries to open the door the the financial advisor while still having the poll booth open. EDIT4: Sometimes it tried to talk to the combat instructor while still inside the rat area.(after successfull kill)
  6. Thank you for the fast update!!
  7. "Go to Control Panel of Windows and do the followings: Click Java -> Click "Network Settings..." button under General tab -> Select Direct connection radio -> Click OK"
  8. You can't buy or sell accounts on Tribot. I guess what you could do is buy "tutorial completion service".
  9. The issue has been reported here two months ago: https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues/8
  10. I believe all twitch codes have already expired.
  11. 7W4M-2KLB-D1X3-WKRJ-X112 8BLG-N74G-6349-5J6C-F0K6 BJAP-LZYJ-KH6K-JMFK-BR46 792U-YKAL-RATZ-7DUU-H1LV Enjoy! Maybe you can contact support and tell them you thought you had one more day to redeem them.
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