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  1. Thanks for looking through and giving feedback, I've been considering rewriting this completely now I've learnt more because I made some big mistakes. I might try doing it in kotlin as I'm learning that rn.
  2. Thanks, finding this comment has saved me a ton of time (y)
  3. Just started learning kotlin and I'm glad I found this, great guide, thank you
  4. What's this Socks5 proxy service that has unlimited proxies? I ask because proxies are the biggest cost I can imagine for a f2p farm so it would be interesting if you were to breakdown the cost of the proxy service to work out how much you'll actually be spending per f2p account (I imagine you intend on switching proxies every 2 hours too? Since what's the point in switching accounts if they're all coming from the same IP address it's a clear red flag for jagex). Once you have worked out your costs you can begin to work out how feasible this idea is. You should also consider the electrici
  5. This might help. I've created a LocationManager class where you add locations and it takes care of working out which location you're in, if any, and handling that locations execution method, and then an abstract Location class which you extend for each location you want to add into your LocationManager. I've put the classes in spoilers below and it contains notes to help explain whats going on. I've then also added an example of how you could use this code to make some sort of LocationScript which simply cycles through each location you have added into the LocationManager and executes its logi
  6. GrandExchange#getOffers will retrieve the 8 RSGEOffers from the GE without needing to open the GE nor be near to it, can anyone explain how this works? I had been wasting my time writing a class that caches the GE onStart by walking to it, opening it, and saving the slot information to an array. I am glad I no longer need to do this but I'd like to understand why, is it a hook (if so can someone explain what that means) or is it retrieving information from a hidden interface (if so how? wouldn't it be null?) or is there another way? Also, does the same apply to Banking or do I have t
  7. Yeah there are bots that work by reacting to color changes, unless you mean AI vision with neural nets but I think that's too complicated, in either case it's besides the point I was making. Even if we could detect the invisible objects, the bot would still be caught, a better example might have been them simply talking to the bot and deciding if it is human, if they really wanted to they could force the bot to stop moving or just spawn random objects that any real player would respond to. I don't want to make it sound like botting is impossible, that's not the case, you just have to unde
  8. Would the 8G plan still support 8 clients using LG or would the clients supported be 4 because LG requires two programs to be open?
  9. What you're saying makes sense but can be better explained with Pattern Recognition. Every click and mouse movement is being tracked, stored, and analysed using software designed to find recurring patterns and themes in the playing data so Jagex can categorise players. This is for more than just bot detection, this sort of technology is used in advertising to categorise users into groups which can then be targeted differently depending on their identified likes, dislikes, and interests etc. For bot detection I imagine they only need three categories, 'Human', 'Suspicious', and 'Definitely
  10. Just ordered 8m osrs, service was quick and live chat was great, I had my gold within 5 minutes, definitely recommend ++
  11. Great work, thanks for sharing!
  12. Or use mine in the Snippets section
  13. I have made a custom Login API that addresses the problem you're having, you will find it in the snippets section. As I understand it, Login.login checks what screen you are currently on before attempting to login. This means if you are on the banned screen already, it will read the screen first, assume you are only using one account and that the screen was caused by this one account, and it will decide not to try to login because this account is banned so instantly return false. What my RSLogin.login does is first check what screen we are on, if its a banned screen, or any number of othe
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