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  1. Would you ever be willing to add the agility pyramid?
  2. An agility pyramid script that gathers maybe 10 pyramid tops and exchanges them for 100k. And repeats it's 250k gp/hr at lvl 70 but only requires 30 agility.
  3. I'm only using it for my ironman so doesn't really matter. I have contacted a private scripter and have decided what functions I want for it, so his price will determine if it's worth it for me. Thanks
  4. bump. is anyone willing to make this type of script? it would be a good premium. minimum requirements (30 aiglity) and able to make 200k+/hr
  5. i mean it makes 250k gp/hr due to a recent update and it only requires 30 agility.
  6. Will there ever be a scipt for this?
  7. Does anyone know if the break handler works yet for DMM? It st spammed the logout everytime ai believe and ignored the 10 sec timer.
  8. I play legit on my main account on DMM but have bot on a sperate account. I was disconnected on both accounts at the same time and none of them were banned. What happened?
  9. thanks for the tips will take them into account
  10. So i used to have like 5-10 bots daily back in late 2013 and early 2014 when bans were less common. I even botted an account to 99 rc and still have it. I sometimes still like fooling around and using some bots here and now, but even when i just bot on one account at a time it always seems to get banned. Any tips would be great. thanks.
  11. Nice progress. How do you get motivated to start up new bots when they're banned i get demotivated lol. do you use looking glass? Vpns? Etc..
  12. He is advertising whip stakes so in a way its still a scam. Glad he was banned tho lol
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