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    This is probably the best antiban there could possibly be IMO. Who (other than people with no lives) trains agility for 12 hours with 15 minute breaks really? This is such a cool concept!
  2. This is now revolved and @Dentistresolved and let me know it has been resolved very quickly. I'll be buying this script again no doubt & thanks to both dentist and the tribot staff for actioning and being so cool about it. I've seen a few sites act in dodgy ways and shouldn't have jumped to any conclusion without speaking to dentist and the staff before posting here.
  3. Sorry if this is my banking settings @Ark, when I've just got a spot, sometimes teleported and traveled a long way and a break kicks in, it will travel back to edge which seems really pointless! Again, sorry if it's on my side edit: very much a pipe dream, but how do you feel about adding the option to change attack style by target or setup type? For example changing to stab for targets susceptible to stab, or to quick fire when using range?
  4. Appreciated dude. I'll post some bugs I noticed. The first being the GUI, it often adds the scripts multiple times, meaning it's hard to see what's been added already, not a huge one. I did come to find it yesterday, after a trobot break, unable to leave the room whilst getting the 'chest orb' during the grand tree. Another was whilst trying to start the rfd drawf quest, I had yet to complete fishing contest so it stood there for an hour talking to the dawrf. Is it meant to check for requirements before stating a quest?
  5. Hey @Dentist Is there any reason it does every task at hyper speed? I'm sure there's a market for speed running, but most normal players take their time when doing quests. Can't you add an option to have a 'slow mode' where it acts a lot more like a human & takes breaks between quests, takes at least a small break in-between everything rather than acting like a streamer trying to speed run quests whilst on crack?
  6. Yep, still the same, followed this too: - Head to the C:\Program Files\TRiBot\tribot-gradle-launcher folder - Right click the build.gradle file in that folder and open it with Notepad (as an administrator) - Search for the phrase +UseZGC (you can use Control+F to search) - Replace it with +UseG1GC (alternative just do a find replace using the phrases from above) - Save the file - Relaunch TRiBot, with any luck it'll work! which also didnt work, still just pops up with the logo The teamviewer ID the bot gave me doesnt exist apparently on discord
  7. Hey All, Once the logo for tribot has disappeared off screen & the client hasn't open I'm left with this error: Exception in thread "DisconnectableInputStream source reader" org.gradle.api.UncheckedIOException: java.io.IOException: The handle is invalid at org.gradle.internal.UncheckedException.throwAsUncheckedException(UncheckedException.java:61) at org.gradle.internal.UncheckedException.throwAsUncheckedException(UncheckedException.java:41) at org.gradle.util.DisconnectableInputStream$1.run(DisconnectableInputStream.java:127) at java.base/java.lang.Threa
  8. Less random is a fair point, maybe adding, 'query task every x, for between Y&Z'? the way it currently knows where to go as soon as it has a task seems a bit bait. Likewise, 'move X squares every Y kills' when using a canon could be interesting? I've noticed the canon often doesnt hit the target when in certain areas Again, excellent script! thank you
  9. After switching to ethernet it worked a lot better, I think it was on my side, apologies A setting to wait for x time after getting a task would be so ideal for waiting more human like, when playing legit I used to google the task and equipment, the current way it runs is a bit off great script overall, maybe the best I've seen on tribot! thanks again
  10. Its working a lot better thanks! There's been a couple of times it's stopped in edge due to this error: [:6:] [Cannon Management] Will reload our cannon when we next have cannonballs left (Antiban) [:6:] [Potion Management] I will drink my next Divine super combat potion() at level (Antiban Randomisation) [:6:] [Antiban] ABC: Inspecting Loot pile [::] [Antiban] ABC: Inspecting Loot pile [::] [Antiban] ABC: Leaving client screen [::9] [Antiban] ABC: Refocusing Target [:
  11. Hey! Thanks a lot, just re-purchased, Ill let you know how it goes @Naton yeah my old 300k per hour settings are now more like 20k per hour. I'll check the latest items as I've been out of osrs for a while and post some hopefully nice proggies
  12. @Naton hey bro, I'm still #11 on the high scores after not using this in 6 months or so. Does this means there are still issues with the osbuddy API? Or has it stabilised since? Thanks mate!
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