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  1. Has anyone been able to create a vorkath script? It would use void range/ void melee for bgs spec.
  2. Hello, I have been searching all over the web for a script that would allow me to use Nightmare zone in a different way than others. Instead I am requesting that it kills Elvarg on practice mode "Easy" Allowing the script to loot the bones it drops and bank at Yanille. Would be graceful if it had these features Potion support weapon special attack quick prayer Food support
  3. I been trying really hard to find an Agility Pyrmaid private script. food support: cake, salmon, tuna, trout Does not turn in pyrmaid (weird request I know) that literally it and if I could start it at lumbridge( doesn’t matter if it can though)
  4. Could you make a Chaos druids script. Kill chaos druids in wilderness use looting bag loot customized herbs bank at EdgeVille with glory tuna as food with a withdraw x Could you make a Flesh crawler script. Kill flesh crawlers in stronghold security loot customized herbs, runes, iron ore(noted) bank at edgeville with glory tuna as food with withdraw x Hope you get back to me thank you:)
  5. I noticed this season you no longer get loot from ardy knights. What would be a good alternative for gold farming on next season deadman? plan on buying private script/scripts for it.
  6. can I get a response to my message almost a week ago. I want to know if the bot is actually going to bank the items inside the looting bag at the bank instead of keeping them in the looting bag the whole time it runs. Also anti fires would help a lot on saving food
  7. He messaged me yesterday and never got back to me. Says he was online b4 then though. Hope he gets back to me
  8. request: Salarin the Twisted killer Budget: $100-150 What I want it to do: Kill Salarin the Twisted and loot herbs/ Sinister keys, Bank, go through agility obstacle, World hop, and food support. Time to be done: I would love for the script to ne fully functional within two weeks time frame.
  9. detects that the looting bag is empty and never stops trying to add bones and hides. It could be a problem with banking items from the looting bag into the bank.
  10. Just bought the script and when I run it with a looting bag the Character will nonstop keep trying to add bones and hide into the bag in-between attacks when it is already full. please fix?? Also any way you could add extended anti-fires would be awesome:)
  11. Does tribot have a hook to detect NPC chat. Specifically for Tribot API?
  12. message me about the scripts I want prices thanks.
  13. What does everyone think about the TAU grand exchange script? I ran it on a account with 2m and made 1m in 2 hours. seems really nice. thoughts and comments about it? possibly your own experience? Again thank you.
  14. What are the best times to bot? I've seen post saying not to bot on weekends or Mondays. Seen some saying bot everyday that jagex office hours are closed (London time) also seen some say bot 12 hours and take 13hour breaks. again thank you for all the help
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