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  1. If you're still selling, add my Discord in my signature.
  2. This really helped. Thanks!
  3. Is this working for most people? Seeing lots of errors being posted by other users. Would be nice to see some nice progress pics or testimonials before buying.
  4. Hello, I am attempting to load up a script on the Tribot client. Each time I select my script to start, the client will download, then it says the script is started; however, the screen is frozen and is no longer responsive. I am on a mac. Can anyone help me here? I can share more info
  5. Terms of Service 1. You will go first to us. You may get an OMM (you will pay the fees) or MM more trusted than us to help ease this process. 2. Payment will be left on account to transfer off. If money isn’t on the account, service can not begin. 3. You will have all skills required. If not, you will need to get those done yourself or we can do for you at a set price. 4. No refunds if you decide to cancel the order. 5. By using us, you agree that our workers can have access to your account. 6, If you need access to account, let one of us know. 7. You will have supplies ready for us to quest. If not, we will charge a fee to gather the supplies. You will also need to leave some extra cash on account for things such as Potions, Food, etc. 8. If anything to do with account details changes while we are working on account, the order will be terminated immediately. Owner (BartonsVodka) Skype ID: bartons.vodka Disclaimer: You will provide all supplies. Otherwise, you can purchase a quest kit or pay extra for us to get the supplies. Note: GP is in 07 amount. You will have all required stats. If you don’t, we can level them for you for a price or you can take that burden upon yourself. Prices vary due to the constant change of gold prices. Add my Skype for most accurate prices! Order Form CURRENTLY HIRING! We are currently looking for motivated Runescapers of all types to join our vibrant team! If you are at all interested, please send myself, or my other 2 partners a PM stating such interest. You will go through an application and if you pass that, there will be a deposit. As of now, the deposit is 15M 07 but will increase as we grow in size. Now is a perfect opportunity to join while the price is low.
  6. I trust this guy and you should definitely check out his web hosting services! Very cheap and a good deal!
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