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  1. Doesnt seem like they get banned often enough for that.
  2. Virmach proxy sucks and are recycled no matter what they say.
  3. Don't both on an account you're not willing to lose.
  4. Looks like theyve changed a shit ton of IDs, might be a while for all scripts to be working again.
  5. I got permed on one of my accounts, about 30+ days old, no other bans
  6. Yup, according to my calculations, id have to say youre correct!
  7. Are you breaks always about 3hours? and how often do you take them?
  8. Imagine all the accounts on this site with hundreds of mills, Why would you get hacked for 10m?
  9. Minor macroing or bot busting? And where do you get your accounts if ya dont mind me asking?
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