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  1. whats youre discord name so i can add you
  2. Oeps sorry! for message agian. Ill do brimhaven now for like 20 minutes but havnt got any tickets yet you know why?
  3. Thanks for ur fast response. I hope this will be the agiity course my account can stay alive longer then a couple days ill keep you up to date
  4. okey boss. But would u reccomend to get some food and or staminas? or is that not needed.
  5. is there a gear setup or inv setup i need for brimhave agility?
  6. How is the script any bans? and whats the ban rate with this?
  7. Einstein what courses would u advice? Aswell iam doing Seers course now but it seems the camera is on the same angle all the time is there a reason for that? looks like a bot when it changes it to that way
  8. Got the same problem here LG cant find a client. But i see you all working on this so thanks for that. Please keep us up to date. Regards,
  9. Are there any courses you should better not do? i wanna try this on my main but i had bad experience with agility scripts back in the days. Any tips or tricks?
  10. Yeah, iam a big fan of you're scripts. But i had some isseus botting agility i always got banned within days, while i dont even bot for hours and hours straight.. Do you have some tips or advice? so i can give it a try with this script and with tips i mean: *What courses shall i do cause it can be that some hotspots like seers village being moderated more often then for example other courses * you're break settings *and any settings you say thats a must to turn it on or off Thanks in advance
  11. For some reason i keep getting banned at seers agility course what can be problem? i have a special break setting for click intensive scripts
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