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  1. LyfeStyle

    cant login

    Dont know if anyone has gotten their solutions via PM or not, but i've been having the same issue, and tbh, with leagues around. now would be an awesome time..
  2. followed all the steps. deleted, reinstalled, still wont handle mlm
  3. Well, i dunno what happened. I've used this script in the past without issue. But past few times i've tried to use your script for mlm it just runs to a corner of the map and spam clicks in the distance. am i just doing something wrong now that i wasn't doing before..? anyone else having this problem?
  4. Zulrah Slayer v2 Everybody loves money. And this definitely added to my cash stack more than most has so far!! https://images.app.goo.gl/AGv3YkDCGUZMh1zL9
  5. Thanks for diligence! Appreciate all your effort Worthy.
  6. Having similar issues. bot checks charges on blowpipe repeatedly until it alarms out saying its done the same thing too many times. and stops, then logs out. Please fix, ran the bot last night without issues. start up this afternoon and im having major problems. Also having issues with jad phase.. most times it seems like it gets out of sync with the prayers it needs.then dies between eating and doing the wrong prayer again.
  7. i recently purchased 10 credits last night, and it brought me to an error page. Didnt think anything of it, until this morning. Checked my account and i did, in fact, get charged for said credits but my account is still ringing in at 2 credits... please help me.
  8. For me, the bot has issues changing worlds also. I've noticed with the paint crossair, its pointing in the center at the top of the screen and clicking repeatedly. However, whenever I open the world change manually. The bot will choose the world it was initially trying to switch to. Thanks for anything you can come up with. I have used this thing for almost a month straight with next to no quarrels. @Usa
  9. Is there a reason my char keeps enabling and disabling quick prayers..? Edit: Resizable mode was on. Turned back fixed and it works. Sorry for wasted time.
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